From your friends at The General Store!

General Store to-do list, summer in Paso:
–  Concerts in the Park every Thursday (it’s a short commute)
–  Ravine Water park with the kiddies
–  Re:Find Lemoncello on ice
–  Popping over to Cayucos when it’s just too hot
–  Travel to find new goodies for the store
–  Consume All the Negranti Ice Cream. All of it.
As you can see, summer is a busy time for us. One thing about our to-do list? It takes us outside a lot. And that means sun, and often sand (whether it’s at the beach or our beautifully restored downtown park.) We have two producers to share with you for July: one that’s close to home, and one that’s not, but she embodies all we love about small producers, so she’s in!

Local Goods Report July photo

Bug bite? Dry lips? Sun burn? Age spots? Diaper rash? All Good Goop fixes it every time, and it does so naturally.

Morro Bay is home to one of the core products in our bath/body/remedy area: All Good. What can we say? We have been buying from founder Caroline since waaaaayyyyyy before we even opened the store. Her famous All Good Goop is so wonderfully versatile and universally loved, it’s been on the shelves here since day one. Bug bite? Dry lips? Sun burn? Age spots? Diaper rash? All Good Goop fixes it every time, and it does so naturally. We’re also thrilled to have brought in their sunscreen, plus their infused Coconut oils – try the Lemongrass to keep bugs away…it works!
One of the reasons we love the All Good team is that they are exactly what you’d hope: all great. They support environmental restoration and education projects through their partnership with 1% For the Planet. Our rep Lindsey has the biggest smile, even when personally delivering enormous boxes of peppermint hand sanitizer. (We go through a lot. Did know you can use it as an all-natural breath freshener, too?!) They are a home-grown success story, having been featured in national media (not to name drop, but Gwyneth Paltrow is a fan) and stores everywhere. Support All Good. They make the Central Coast proud.
This is not a local product (what?!), but we discovered it locally. Anna, mother hen to us all and employee #1 at General Store, discovered Kimberly, its founder, at the beach. She had this powder and brush she was using to remove all the sand from her kids before they got into her car. Come to find out that Kimberly, the owner of See Ya Sand, so believed in her all-natural, non-talc solution for sand removal, she’d sold her Airstream to fund her start up. Well, she may live five hours away, but Kimberly is a woman with a vision and we salute that! So, Anna got her info, we got in touch, and two days later we were only store #2 to bring in this brilliant solution to sandy hands, feet and booties. EVERY PARENT WHO IS BEACH BOUND NEEDS THIS.
We’d better get started on that list. Slather on the All Good and hit the gas.
Cheers to summer!
The General Store Team