Al and Dee Anna Knauer opened Good Times Café on October 9, 1998.

What is distinctive and special about your restaurant?

It is a full-service, family-owned “walk back into the 50s” café.

Good Times Cafe

What’s new on the menu for this season?

Good times has four new speciality burgers:
Wake Up Little Suzie: Smoked Gouda, coffee-rubbed burger patty, peppered bacon and a sunny side up egg and chipotle mayo.
Heartbreak Hotel: A full order of pastrami on a burger.
Hunka Hunka Burning Love: Burger topped with two jalapeño poppers, pepper jack cheese and bacon
Betty Bleu: Blue cheese crumbles with buffalo ranch, sun-dried tomatoes and bacon

Do you have an entrée that is considered your signature dish?


Do you cater to any dietary restrictions: Gluten-free? Vegan? Low-fat? Sugar-free?

We offer gluten-free buns or you can go without a bun on your burger.


What ingredients do you source from local farms or vendors?

Good Times’ produce, bread and wine are all local.

Are there any off-menu offerings our readers can try?

Try a Double Dipper: Ranch plus barbecue sauce, or flavored soft drinks — get creative. One example is a cherry, chocolate Dr. Pepper float.

What special ingredient can you not cook without?

Our homemade seasoning.

What trends do you see growing in 2018?

More people wanting to eat at “ma and pa” restaurants.

Are there any specials or events coming in January you want people to know about?

We are celebrating our 20th year in business in 2018.

What keeps your customers coming back?

Real food, real service and good times!