Our sister store, now open #inthealley

We are thrilled to announce the opening of our second store, General Store Notable Goods! We like to think of Notable Goods as our little sister store. It’s literally much smaller than General Store, and it’s much more narrowly focused: cards, books and happiness. So General Store isn’t moving? No way! We love our spot on the park. This is just an opportunity to do more of what we love.
How is Notable Goods different?
We love food, and we feel that cookbooks are a tangible way to connect to traditions while making new ones. At General Store, our cookbooks tend to be more farm-to-table, new releases, and/or California focused. But there’s a whole world (literally) of cuisine left to cover. Notable Goods will offer a more global perspective as well as some classics (hello, Julia Child). We will also triple the number of greeting cards we offer, and we have handmade blankets, pens from Japan, art prints, mugs – all things that inspire in simple ways. What made you want to open the new store? Dolly Parton, a favorite source of sassy, honest and true wisdom, once said “Find out who you are and do it on purpose.”
We are finders. We love finding people making special things. We traveled almost 2000 miles this summer to meet with stationery artists and illustrators and to flip through hundreds of books in person. We hope as Notable Goods grows and evolves, we will continue to find things that make us, and you, happy. Also, more and more we find ourselves touched by the low tech-ness of paper, from sitting down with a cookbook instead of scrolling through Pinterest, to finding the card that says exactly what someone needs to hear. We want to bring more of that to our customers.
Where is the alley? We know, we know…in the alley? But once you get to the brick courtyard that we share with Jeffry’s Wine Country BBQ, you will see why we had to be there. It’s behind McClintock’s, between Park and Pine. You can see it from 13th, right past DiRaimondo’s Market & Cheese Shop. The courtyard has a firepit, bistro lights, beautiful artwork on high brick walls. It’s a really special place, tucked right behind our current store. How could we say no?! We look forward to welcoming you into both our locations soon!

– The General Store Team