PASO Magazine Advertising Consultants Step Into the Spotlight

All of us at PASO Magazine would like to thank our local business owners, advertisers, readers, and community members for supporting the work that we do to bring this publication to life month after month, year after year. We wish you all a healthy, joyful, prosperous, and Happy New Year!

Bob Chute, Paso Robles, PASO Magazine

Bob Chute

To kick off 2018, our PASO Magazine advertising consultants – Millie Drum, Bob Chute, Pam Osborn, Jamie Self, and Karli Twisselman – share how much they enjoy working with their clients, helping them create successful advertising campaigns and, most of all, how thankful they are to be able to turn many of their working relationships into lasting friendships.
Here’s what they had to say:
What do you enjoy most about working with clients to promote their business?
Paso Robles, PASO Magazine, Millie Drum

Millie Drum

Millie: I enjoy sharing my 40+ years of experience in retail marketing and sales with my clients; especially new business owners. It’s exciting to share the beautiful all glossy format and hear the positive responses. I’ve developed many rewarding, long term friendships based on trust and the proven success of PASO Magazine.
Bob: I’ve worked with so many business clients since starting the magazine in 2001 that have developed into friendships. It’s been a positive experience for us both…their successful advertising in the magazine is realized as our success as well; we’re all in this together.
Pam: I enjoy becoming friends with my clients and helping them promote and grow their business.
Jamie: I like helping my clients brainstorm and plan out their advertising campaigns. There is something really cool about seeing an idea come together in print, and I like being a part of that.
Karli: I like helping local business owners, many of whom I grew up knowing, and I want to help them with their marketing goals and messages. Over time, I have gained quality relationships with my PASO Magazine clients, and those I’ve have worked with previously, and I am proud to call them friends.
Do you have an advertising client success story you’d like to share?
Paso Robles, PASO Magazine, Pam Osborn

Pam Osborn

Millie: Richard Blake of Paso Robles Handyman says, “The phone starts ringing as soon as the magazine comes out!” His monthly ad, featuring a clever photo of RB and son Jon, has made them recognizable in the community and helped to build their business.
Bob: I don’t have a specific story, just the overall good feeling of seeing a consistently great response for the many businesses advertising with us.
Pam: Golden Collar Canine Salon – in the very beginning of Teresa’s advertising with PASO Magazine, she wanted to do a coupon. I advised against it, she insisted, and the following month she opened a drawer and literally out popped all of these coupons. She still uses the coupon today!
Jamie: More than any one success, I’m always proud of the fact that most of my clients have been my clients for years. The reason they run ads month after month and year after year is because it works – the results they see and the ease of advertising with us make it a great partnership.
Karli: My clients know that if their ad is in PASO Magazine, then the word is out – and their message will be seen!
As we start the New Year, what sentiments do you have for your loyal clients and our readers?
Paso Robles, PASO Magazine, Jamie Self

Jamie Self


Millie: As PASO Magazine begins a new chapter with new owner/publisher Nic Mattson, I’m committed to his promise to, “Keep A Good Thing Going” and carry on Bob Chute’s legacy. For my clients and our readers, THANK YOU, and remember this catch phrase: “No other publication can do…what we do.” Read it cover to cover, share and keep it for reference, and support our small local business owners who are our friends, neighbors, and stake holders in our community.
Bob: As we welcome 2018, I want to say THANK YOU to everyone in the area – our loyal advertisers and our loyal readers – who have responded to all of those ads and shopped locally.
Pam: Happy New Year! And best of luck for the coming months. And, MOST of all…Hang on…this ride is getting bigger and better!
Jamie: I’d like to personally thank my clients for being part of another successful year. We have so many fresh ideas lined up for 2018, and I can’t wait to get started! Happy New Year!
Paso Robles, PASO Magazine, Karli Twisselman

Karli Twisselman

Karli: I love the community pride of Paso Robles. I am honored to be from such a great town and proud to be doing what I love. I look forward to helping get your message out in 2018!
Bob, our former owner and publisher, has lived in Paso Robles since 1979. He purchased the former Country News, increased revenues 820% over an 8-year period before selling it, and was involved in consulting with weekly newspapers around the state for several years. He started Paso Robles Magazine (now PASO Magazine) in 2001 and sold it to Nicholas and Hayley Mattson in June 2017. “I enjoy working with Nic, and passing along my love of this area and this publication as his ‘mentor.’ After I ‘retired’ for two months, Nic graciously allowed me to come back and work with many of my former clients as an advertising consultant. I really enjoy the interactions and experiencing this new energy and direction for PASO Magazine from the Mattsons!
Millie has worked with PASO Magazine for 14 years. She moved here from Northern California 29 years ago, and holds two titles with our publication – advertising consultant and writer.
Pam has been with PASO Magazine for 15 years. She grew up in Cholame and lived in Paso Robles until 2013 before relocating to Billings, MT following her husband’s retirement. She is an advertising consultant and friend to her clients.
Jamie moved from the oil fields of West Texas to Atascadero in 2004 so she could see water and trees; she has worked with PASO Magazine since 2007 as an advertising consultant. 
Karli was born and raised in Paso Robles and, although she has only worked for PASO Magazine as an advertising consultant for four months, she feels at home! She is a graduate of Cal Poly, holds a degree in Business and Marketing, has extensive sales experience, and enjoys working in her hometown.