Established in 1978 by a father and son team comprised of Dick Weiss and his son John Weiss, Coast Electronics has steadily built up its reputation as a reliable service delivery company with stores in Morro Bay, San Luis Obispo and Paso Robles. Its core business areas include sales, servicing of electronics, computers, home theater, car stereos and telecommunication equipment installation.

The team operates creatively and seamlessly, using the skills and experiences of the founders as the foundational stone of the company. John is a certified electronics graduate from the College of San Mateo, California, and has worked for Jameco Electronics Company, repairing digital clocks. John also served as a Communications Technician at the County of San Mateo. With a wealth of experience and exposure in electronics and digital communications, John is the company’s electronics specialist. Dick Weiss used his extensive experience in finance from the Bay Area to ensure that Coast Electronics was on a solid financial and business footing.

John Weiss explained that starting Coast Electronics was a natural progression for them, as Dick was the businessman and John, the electronics specialist. According to him, the experience was quite valuable as each person brought different set of skills to the job of growing the company. For example, with the opening of the business, John became the first car audio installer.

Another factor that helped the business to grow was that the founders were quite clear-eyed and focused on a core area of interest. 

“Coast Electronics in Morro Bay, San Luis Obispo and Paso Robles is a service-oriented store for all your electronics, computer, home theater, and car stereo installation needs,” Weiss said. 

This emphasis on service delivery informed the way that the company was structured. 

“Coast Electronics has kept up with changes in the industry,” Weiss said. “Expert technicians with the right tools and service vehicles offer in-home home theater installations, observations systems, computer service and tutoring at prices below box stores.” 

Coast Electonics is a frontline sales outlet for larger companies. John Weiss said that Coast Electronics offers some of the finest name brands in the industry such as SONY, LG, JBL, Yamaha and more. Weiss said that both the sales and technical staff of the company are very knowledgeable and helpful because of their experiences and exposure in all facets of consumer and professional electronics and communications.

Coast Electronics also takes its role as a corporate citizen very serious and encourages its staff to be active participants in public service. The owner, John Weiss, was a District Governor of Rotary, while Communications Manager, Bill Pierce, served on the City Council of Morro Bay. He is also
a Police Volunteer.

John Weiss is very proud of his staff and the service that they are rendering to their customers.

 “Best staff, best service and best brands” are some of the things that he treasures about his team.

Visit Coast Electonics at 1171 Creston Road, Paso Robles