It’s a Good Feeling to Support Locally-Owned Businesses!

Brooks Balaris had a dream to bring personal service back to her community. As Brooklin Oaks Pharmacy celebrates its third anniversary, Brooks’ dream is now a rewarding reality thanks to her determination, discipline and hard work. In the mid 90s, Brooks worked as a Pharmacy Technician at Old Town Drug in Downtown Paso; subsequently working 15 years for large local pharmacy chains. She adds, “We have so many people who prefer to do business with us. We know most of our customers by name and doctors are visiting, then telling their patients to come to us for the best local service. We’ve gone back to the way pharmacy used to be. I want our community to have a pharmacy where our customers are known and welcomed with genuine, friendly service.”
Pharmacist Jerry Shapazian joined Brooklin Oaks in June 2017. He earned his Doctor of Pharmacy degree from University of Pacific in 1973. In 1979, Jerry bought a pharmacy in his home town of Dinuba; running it for 10 years; in addition, was involved as owner of four other pharmacies, worked for Longs, CVS, in the skilled nursing profession and owner of Cayucos Pharmacy. Jerry enjoys the feeling of returning to a privately-owned hometown pharmacy. She says, “Jerry and I came from big to small because we want to help the community. With the big guys you don’t even get to know your pharmacist.”    
Brooklin Oaks will soon be introducing a new online, interactive service called First Aid – Urgent Care. A private area in the pharmacy will feature an iPad and Facetime interaction between an individual and physician; offering a screening process, diagnosis and prescription for general symptoms, not critical illnesses.  The appropriate prescription would be filled promptly at  Brooklin Oaks. 
I’ve been a customer since “day one.” Once I met Brooks through the PASO Magazine and felt her dedication, wonderful sense of humor and outlook on life, I transferred all my prescriptions and told my friends, family and business associates   to do the same!  Brooks’ husband Ray wears his name badge “I’m the Cashier” helping customers get through the touch pad at check out. If he’s not around, customers often ask, “Where’s Ray?”  Brooks says, “Oh, he’s home feeding the dog or out on the tractor!”