After 16 years, the publishing wizard hands wand to new blood

Wow…here we are…transition time. Out with the old and in with the new. Computer in and typewriter out.
I realized several years ago it was time for me to step aside. I’m almost 70 years old (Click here for birthday party coverage) and have been in print since 1971. My ways are the old ways and for the PASO Magazine to continue to be the strong product it is it needed a fresh infusion of energy.

Me and Rho

Rho and Bob Chute

I was holding it back. I was praying to find someone with the enthusiasm I had in my late 20s and early 30s…but I refused to sell to a chain! I knew they would come in and try to cookie-cutter it like I’ve seen them do with many publications – and slowly choke it to death.
I’ve lived in Paso Robles since 1979, I love this community and this is a successful magazine with a very special niche and incredible support – both from our loyal readers and loyal, consistent advertisers.
And so I’ve been praying…for several years…and wouldn’t you know it…the Lord sent Nicholas Mattson to me. This guy is amazing. He loves print (go figure)! and wants to build on what I have accomplished and honor this community as I have tried to do. He told me when we started this process he wanted to be an apprentice to my wizard! Teamed with his wife Hayley they will make a formidable team.
What a blessing this is for Rho and I. I started Paso Robles Magazine in February of 2001, with my late wife Karen, and the first issue appeared in local mailboxes in May of 2001. (Several years earlier I had owned the local weekly newspaper, Country News, and sold it after 8 years.)
Thank you to every individual that has worked with me over these past 16 years with PASO Magazine (formerly Paso Robles Magazine)…a special shout out to Millie Drum, Janice Pluma, Ken Lowe, Chris Alba, Barbara Rowland, David Butz, Travis Ruppe, Denise McLean, Sue Dill, Jamie Self, Pam Osborn, Dorothy Rogers, Judy Bedell, Val Poalillo, Chuck Desmond, Bruce Curtis, Lynne Schmitz, Meagan Friberg, Heather Young, Denis Snow, Melissa Chavez, Audley Ashley, Shelley Walker, Chris Macy, Julie Bower, and to the great team at Casey Printing in King City. My apologies if I missed someone!
And of course, a major hug to my bride, my wife, Rhoda, for putting up with me during this chaos. It ain’t easy having to deal with this kind of thing for 197 months out of a spare bedroom/office in your home!
Thanks to every advertiser along the way that has believed in us and supported us and experienced the kind of results that made us both happy!
What do I have planned after Nicholas and I complete the transition period? I’m not exactly sure. First, I need to focus on slowing down…my triple-A personality has had me going non-stop my entire life.
Rho and I have discussed renting an RV for a couple weeks…going to visit our grandkids and seeing some sights. But then we need to get home because I have to attack the garage to make room for our cars (what a concept!) and Rho wants to start planting. We downsized our home nearly a year ago so she could have a property with more dirt to work. She wants to ‘get growing’ again and maybe resurrect Fat Cat Farm! 
I plan to experience this wonderful area for the rest of my days!
The future is bright, I know it. Nicholas is going to develop PASO Magazine far beyond anything I could imagine. Just sit back, Roblans, and enjoy the ride as it magically appears in your mailbox – thanks to our advertisers each month – at no cost to you!
So, that’s about it…thank you Paso Robles for blessing Rho and I in soooo many ways.