Vino Dog Treats Are Worth the Walk Downtown: A Special Report From Lucky and Lucy of the General Store

Dear Neighbors,
We are the Official Dogs of the General Store. This title of Official Dogs comes with some perks – Lucky has a dog bed in the office, and Lucy personally samples the Jax & Bones toys to make sure they’re Lab-tested. Sometimes we’re even at the register, though our tails (Lucy) are powerful enough to knock over piles of chanchitos. (Those are little 3-legged pigs that we sell, and they are a sign of good luck and friendship, but we don’t get the appeal…they don’t even smell like real pork.)
We are happy to report that the General Store will be celebrating National Pet Month in April with some special events. More on that next month, but why wait? We’re kicking off Pre-National-Pet-Month by highlighting one of the newest local products to hit our shelves, Vino Dogs gourmet dog treats. They are all natural, gluten free, and made fresh to order right here in Paso.
Let us read you guys the ingredients in these Vino Dogs Pumpkin Oat Treats: pumpkin, egg, whole rolled oats, peanut butter…sounds like a smoothie our parents might drink! The Vino Dog treats are great for our digestion, are full of natural fiber, and don’t have the sugar or calories of other treats. (Yes, it matters to us.) We asked Rickie Bobbie, the official mascot of Vino Dogs, how his treat empire came about.
Ricki Bobbie: My mom started making dog treats for me after hearing a lot of scary stories about dog treats making pets sick, and the horrible ingredients being put into them. She wanted fresh and locally sourced ingredients. Pretty soon, she was making it for my friends who have health issues like diabetes and cancer.
General Store: What is up with the jerky? It’s ridiculous.
RB: The jerky is made with the best top round and chicken breast we can find, with nothing else added.
General Store: Is your job hard?
RB: Paso wineries are usually super dog friendly, so we go often. I love meeting people, and I’m very, very cute, so there’s a lot of dealing with the public.

Come grab a bag! And tell them we sent you.
We’re working on some kind of commission arrangement.

Signed, Lucky & Lucy and the Team at General Store Paso Robles