We want to publish this as a thank you to someone who understands what we go through every day as publishers. It is an honor to have your support. Thank you to everyone in the community that makes it all happen. We are in this together, and we will get through this together.

As I am sitting here in my office at the [Local Print Company], I am reflecting on how much I enjoyed the last issue of Morro Bay Life, especially the Publisher’s note and the Adopt a Neighbor article featuring Giovanni.

As a long term member of the publishing industry, it is simply refreshing to see what you and your wife have, and will accomplish with your family of publications. I think local is what it has always been about and you are doing it better than almost anyone today.

I just wanted to encourage you as I know this is a most difficult time. Keep up the great work!


We will withhold the name of this person, as they provided this in confidence. We felt it was worth sharing to all those who support us each week and each month!