Staff Picks

Sonja's Pick: "Freaks and Geeks"

Call me what you will, but I just finished binge-watching an entire (one season long) show and feel absolutely zero shame. Which show, you ask? “Freaks and Geeks!” When I first started watching it was weird to consider how anyone could capture the ofte... more

Luke's Pick: "Riverdale"

I like to watch Netflix while I do the dishes each night and one night this past week I was in the mood for something new, so after flicking through the ‘trending” section on my app for a few moments I settled on a show that I’d heard a little about, but ... more

Liz's Pick: "Doctor Strange"

Since being a mom to two young children under 2, I haven’t had a chance to often go into an actual theater in a while so I’ve missed out on watching my favorite movies based on the MCU, the Marvel Cinematic Universe. One that I wanted to see so badly w... more

Stan's Pick: Mistura restaurant

Ever have one of those nights when you and your significant other decide to have a nice meal out and can’t decide between the two of you where to go? How about sushi? No, I’m not in the mood for it. Oh, a nice steak sounds good. We had beef three times th... more

Connor's Pick: 'Outliers' by Malcolm Gladwell

If you like data and numbers and explaining phenomena through numbers, then I highly recommend picking up anything written by Malcom Gladwell. The dude is a modern-day Einstein and applies it to the most interesting things. I have read several books that ... more

Liz's Pick: 'Murdoch Mysteries'

As a big fan of murder mysteries and basically most things from the UK and a general Britophile, I stumbled upon the “Murdoch Mysteries” a couple of years back. Produced by a joint Canadian and British production companies, Shaftesbury Films and Bell Broa... more