PASO ROBLES — Paso Robles City Treasurer Mike Compton retired after serving the City of Paso Robles for over 33 years. 

The City Council gave a heartfelt thank you to Compton during Tuesday’s meeting, Dec. 1, for his service to the community and wished him well.

Mayor Steve Martin read the inscription on the plaque, which was virtually presented to Compton.

“On the occasion of his retirement after 32 years as an elected official, the City of Paso Robles would like to recognize Michael J. Compton for his diligence and dedication in serving the community of El Paso de Robles as city Treasurer, 1988-2020,” Martin said.


Compton said he enjoyed being the treasurer, an elected position. 

“I have enjoyed all 32 years of being treasurer,” Compton said. “I started in February of 1987, so I have nearly 34 years in service with Paso Robles — I have enjoyed every minute of it, and I must admit my mindset now is I’m looking forward to retiring and being out of the service.”

Councilmembers Steve Gregory and Fred Strong requested a modification of the monthly defined medical contribution for elected officials be pulled from the consent agenda. Strong motioned to continue the discussion to reevaluate benefit options, which passed 5-0. 

Council approved the 2020 General Plan Housing Element in three resolutions, all with a 5-0 vote.

“I have nothing but gratitude and thanks to the staff and our consultant. This project came out well. It’s very well done. And it’s going to get us through to 2028, and I believe we will meet our goals,” Gregory said. “And I just want to thank everybody on the committee also that volunteers their time to input information to get us ahead.” 

With a 5-0 vote, the council approved eight applications for the 2021 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program.

The total requested funds are $278,631, but the City has anticipated receiving $244,146.

Funds were outlined to be divided between the following organizations and projects:

  1. Black Oak Drive infill ramp project and drive approaches — $158,695
  2. RISE roof repair — $35,000 (In Option A the $35,000 would be funded from the reallocated 2017 CDBG funds)
  3. CASA for foster child intervention to avert homelessness — $2,500
  4. PSHH for supportive housing program — $3,707
  5. 5CHC for homeless shelter and meal program — $3,500
  6. ECHO for homeless shelter and meal program — $12,000 and $515
  7. CAPSLO for adult day center — $14,000
  8. Administration — $48,829

The City receives CDBG funds through San Luis Obispo County. SLO County gets the funds from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). 

“In late December 2020 or early January 2021, the County will publish a Draft Consolidated Plan, which will list summaries of the activities that are recommended for consideration by the local city councils and Board of Supervisors at public hearings to be conducted in February, March, and or April 2021,” the staff report stated.

Council also voted 5-0 to set the March 2, 2021, regular council meeting as the date for the public hearing for 2021 CDBG allocations and reallocated $119,692 in 2017 CDBG funds from the Oak Creek Park Project to fund the RISE request for roof repair for $35,000 and provide $84,692 to the 2019 Sierra Bonita Ramps CDBG Project.

Council introduced by title only an ordinance that continues to clean up its municipal code related to unlawful areas to camp.

City Council adopted an urgency ordinance adding chapter 7.50, Camping to Title 7, Health and Sanitation, of the Paso Robles Municipal Code (PRMC) on Oct. 6.

From the city staff agenda report, “Chapter 7.50 provides that camping is prohibited on City-owned or operated property, areas prohibited by Title 21, zoning, high fire risk areas, and water quality risk areas, except when enforcement of such prohibition is limited constitutionally.”

On Oct. 6, the City Council initiated a Title 21 amendment to remove PRMC section 21.20.232, Unlawful Areas to Camp, from Title 21 because the urgency ordinance now covered it.

The Planning Commission considered the proposed repeal of Section 21.20.232 at a noticed public hearing on Nov. 10. It adopted Planning Commission Resolution No. 20-074, recommending that the City Council approve the amendment to the Zoning Code repealing Section 21.20.232.

“I’m just happy to see that we’re cleaning this up finally,” said Councilman Strong.

City Clerk Melissa Martin reported on the election results, as certified by the County, and administered oaths of office for Councilmember Strong, Councilmember Gregory, and City Treasurer Ryan Cornell, swearing them in for their new terms in office.