Templeton’s five all-star teams go 74-1-3 in four tournaments

TEMPLETON — The Templeton youth soccer all-star programs just concluded a season of mythical proportions. Following the end of the regular youth season in November, all of the coaches in the leagues get together and determine who should be in all-stars and the teams are drafted. From this Templeton created five “A” teams who collectively posted a 74-1-3 record en route to 19 tournament victories all while outscoring their opponents, 353-26.

Of the five “A” teams created there were two on the boy's side and three on the girls in three different age groups. The two boys teams were made up of one team in the under 10 division coached by Aaron Penner and one in the under 12 division coached by Brad Rubin and Jason Carvalho. The girls also had a team in the under 10 division and under 12, the former coached by Casey Ogle and John Fiorenza and the latter coached by Charlie Thomas, Sarah Kennedy and Isabelle Thomas and also had a team in the under 14 division coached by Bill Edwards and Randy Schad.

Each of the five teams traveled to three tournaments close to the area with the first of the tournaments being the SouthBay shootout (Los Osos), the second being the Orcutt Cup Classic and the third being the Santa Maria Strawberry Cup.  Four of the five teams then traveled to the Cal South Tournament of All-star to really put their skills to the test and didn't disappoint, the under 10 boys were the only team not to attend.

The boys under 10 team is made up of Harry Dahm, Cash Filipponi, Luke Haner, Ethan Merrill, Tayler Penner, Skyler Schad, Dane Sessions, Carson Sutton, Kalen Walker and Wyatt Walingford who together posted a 12-0 record outscoring their opponents 40-5 including three consecutive tournament wins.

The girls under 10 team, comprised of Nathalia Alvarado, Madelyn Becker, Lia Clemmens, Lila Colegrove, Sierra Fiorenza, Kayla Katz, Emma Krilling, Peyton Mathis, Yuina Ogiwara, Calie Ogle, Sorin Schmitt, and Kennely Sizemore and posted a 17-0 record over the duration of four tournaments, winning four trophies and outscoring their opponents 89-6,

The boys under 12 teams, which featured Colten Carvalho, Tyler Cunningham, Christopher Ginther, Sebastian Haas, Gage Hawley, Charlie Kline, Mason Maine, Zachary Rubin, Jaron Sampson, Johan Small, Declan Taylor, Luke Thompson and William Wallace went 16-0-1 overall bringing home four trophies while outscoring their opponents by an incredible plus 102 margin.

The girls under 12 team, made up of Hannah Bourgault, Alexis Denzel, Bailey Fiorenza, Payton Giubbini, Kennedy McAdoo, Eliana McDaniel, Isabel Medieros, Whitney Moore, Peyton Pierce, Azalea Reynoso, Julianna Rosa, Reese Takigawa and Rylanne Wood posted a 17-0 record and brought home four trophies for the second consecutive year and outscored their opponents 85-5.

The girls under 14 team which is made up of 16 players in Kylie Bell, Eliana Cunningham, Claire Duenow, Delaney Dusi, Tianna Edwards, Morgane Fiorentini, Macy Guibbini, Kayla Helmle, Aivee McAnally, Megan Rubin, Mikayla Schad, Sienna Schad, Nela Smith, Ella Thompson, Greer Wilson and Sydney Zandt finished the year 12-1-2 scoring 32 to goals and only allowing five on their way to their own four trophies.

“There has never been an All-Star season like this in the 15 years that I’ve been here,” said Melissa Johnson, the head of the Templeton Rec Department and Youth Sports. “I’m going to have to build a new trophy case just to celebrate the success of these young players and their coaches. The hard work and dedication these kids and coaches have shown is nothing short of impressive, they have earned these honors on their own and deserve a celebration.”

Nearly, if not all, of the boys and girls on these soccer teams will be former Eagles that will soon join the Templeton Eagle soccer program that just brought home league titles in both the boys and girls side and are currently in the playoffs this week.


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