Unconsciousness Creston man drives into Santa Margarita Lake

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SANTA MARGARITA LAKE  — A Creston man lost consciousness while driving his car and went into Santa Margarita Lake, according to the California Highway Patrol. He was fortunate a bystander was there ready to launch his boat and help pull him out of the water when he surfaced.
Todd R. Moore, 54, was driving his 2004 Toyota in the Santa Margarita Lake Recreation and Natural Area campgrounds when he experienced a medical episode and momentarily lost consciousness.
Moore drifted off the road in his vehicle which then collided with a metal gate and several wooden posts. Moore's Toyota continued moving forward and entered the lake at a witnessed speed of approximately 45-50 mph.
An unnamed witness camping nearby saw Moore's vehicle enter the lake, launched his boat and positioned his boat next to Moore's window. At this moment, Moore's vehicle became fully submerged with Moore still seated in the driver's seat. After approximately 10 seconds of Moore and his vehicle being under water, Moore surfaced and was assisted to shore by the witness. Moore regained full consciousness and was released to family at the scene.
CHP Officer Patrick Seebart said Moore sustained a minor injury — a cut on his finger as he exited his vehicle while it was underwater.
According to CHP, paramedics on scene determined that Moore's low blood pressure was a factor in the accident.


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