THS senior becomes official school board member

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Madison Miller’s vote counts on school matters

TEMPLETON – At the last Templeton School Board meeting, Madison Miller, a Templeton High School Senior, was right there along the table of trustees, confidently seconding motions and speaking on student happenings at her high school.

Templeton District Superintendent Dr. Joe Koski was happy to point out having a young representative as an equal board member as being an atypical event. Miller has an equal vote on all agenda items and will have just as much of a say on all Templeton school orders of business. The only items she may not vote on are on personnel decisions and inter/intradistrict transfers.

Miller said she will be glad to give her fellow students the scoop on what is going on within the school board meetings.

“There are some policies that the school board implements that the students don’t even know about. It’s important to tell all the kids about it,” Miller said. She learned about becoming a trustee by her good friend who volunteered as a trustee last year.

“She brought some changes to our school already,” she said, adding that she thought it was “cool” that her friend was able to educate the associated student body on educational issues. She said she’d like to continue the transparency between the high school and the school board.
“I’m mostly listening in on what the other students want,” said Miller. She would like to relay those ideas from her peers to the board this school year.

Miller is an ASB senior class representative at Templeton High. She also organizes all the student clubs on campus. She is pondering a career in legal studies, and would like to apply for a small, local college such as Cal Poly or Westmont College before going on to law school.

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