Templeton Home School hosts open house

TEMPLETON — Templeton Home School, located at 964 Old Country Road, hosted its annual open house on March 7, welcoming new and returning homeschool students and their families as well as interested community members.

Geared to the needs of homeschool families within the Templeton Unified School District (TUSD), this open house gave parents the opportunity to interact with friendly, knowledgable and experienced representatives and faculty members. 

Typically, students of Templeton Home School meet with their teachers once a week for an hour to discuss their upcoming curriculum objectives, said home school teacher Donnia Callahan.

“We sit down with the students — and their parents if the kids feel comfortable — one on one and figure out what works best for everyone,” Callahan said.

While Templeton Home School works in collaboration with other local schools in the district, it is especially unique in the sense that it offers elective courses — including ceramics, art and Spanish — on an almost daily basis.

“We encourage a can-do attitude and want kids to have the opportunity and be able to take advantage of their preferred areas of interest,” Callahan said.

Templeton Home School is a great program for those students who feel traditional school systems are not for them. Whether children need to focus more on a specific subject, require more personal interaction or simply prefer learning on an individual basis instead of as a group, the school offers completely individualized programs to meet each student’s specific needs.

For more information about Templeton Home School, call 805-434-5828.

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