Templeton High School Drama's ‘Addams Family’ headed to Fringe

The Templeton High School drama boosters are fundraising to send drama students to Edinburgh’s Festival Fringe to perform ‘Addams Family.’ (Contributed photo)

TEMPLETON The Templeton High School drama boosters are fundraising again, this time to send their production of the “Addams Family” to Edinburgh’s Festival Fringe in August.

The booster club was started by Vicki van den Eikhof, following drama teacher Catherine Kingsbury over from Atascadero High School when the later moved over to manage the Templeton Performing Arts Center in 2014. The nomination and invitation from the American High School Theatre Festival goes with the director of the production, making this Kingbury’s third invite to the famous Festival in Scotland.

Students go as part of a package deal which includes accommodations and a workshop hosted at London’s Globe Theatre by classically trained Shakespeareans.

Costing $6,000 per student, show slots at the Fringe, the performers are limited by luggage and tight scheduling. Large set pieces cannot be shipped for the 90-minute play.

Relying on skill and wit to sell their performance, like many a festival performer before them, they do have the advantage of modern technology with digitally projected backdrops adding to minimalist design elements.

“We’re going to go but it’s a question of how long we’ll be paying it off,” van den Eikhof said, adding that the young thespians are hustling every weekend with local fundraising events, their fundraising goal is at $61,000 with $23,000 currently in the larder.

More than half the tab is already expected to be paid by students’ arenas and families, but they need to have the funds ready for the travel agent by July 26.

The unique experience is worth the investment, she said, noting that her older daughter’s experience in 2016 led the girl to pursue the arts.

“It was an eye-opening experience, and I think you hear that from a lot of the kids who have gone, the workshop with professionals is really important to them, to see what’s possible,” van den Eikhof said.

Other cultural enrichment and pageantry they enjoy is the presentation of arms, a military display of colors from all over the former British Empire at the Edinburgh Castle, and of course attending other performances at the Fringe.

The next local performance of the “Addams Family” adaptation is March 16, at 7 p.m. at the Templeton Performing Arts Center and a benefit concert for the fundraising effort will be held April 6 by the local band Bear Market Riot.

Donation and event information can be found through the facebook.com/TempltonDrama portal or by email [email protected]


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