Stan's Pick: Mistura restaurant

Ever have one of those nights when you and your significant other decide to have a nice meal out and can’t decide between the two of you where to go? How about sushi? No, I’m not in the mood for it. Oh, a nice steak sounds good. We had beef three times this week. Italian sounds good. Didn’t we have Italian the last time we ate out? And on and on it goes ad infinitum. After having a wonderful dining experience last week at Mistura, here’s a suggestion: step out of your culinary comfort zone and take a chance on a wonderful meal. A lot of choices and all of them different and from a cooking standpoint, out of the box thinking.

When you hear the term “Peruvian cuisine” two words come to mind, curiosity and, in my case, ignorance. Until the other night, I had never had Peruvian cuisine. But being the adventurous soul that I am, we moved ahead and ordered a cold appetizer to start.

Our waiter suggested the quartet sampler and it was a great suggestion. Four cold seafood appetizers, each one prepared better than the last. Ahi Tuna, Calamari, Seabass with passion fruit and an Alaskan King Crab appetizer prepared with avocado and rocoto crème that was second to none. To say I was happily surprised was an understatement. The cold appetizer was as good as any sushi bar I have ever been to. Each individual taste was prepared differently yet, together, they seemed to compliment each other.

Admittedly, I was the one that night suggesting a steakhouse to which my wife lovingly declined. I was happy to see that Mistura has a rib eye steak on the menu (my steak of choice). When I read how my steak was prepared I was skeptical, but as it turns out, my doubts were unwarranted. The steak was called, “Bistec a lo Pobre.” The grilled steak is nestled on a bed of rice and beans with fried plantains and topped with an organic fried egg. Amazing, the way these flavors mix together and totally compliment each other. The steak was perfectly prepared and so different in every way.

My wife had Ravioli De Langosta, a lobster stuffed ravioli in a white wine cream sauce. Again, different but in so many ways a perfect combination of flavors.

Save room for dessert, we had the Machupicchu which is a chocolate, coffee, vanilla bean English custard. This is a must for any chocolate lover. Very decadent and as rich a chocolate dessert as I have ever tasted.

Overall, this restaurant is a happy surprise. It takes its patrons out of their culinary comfort zone and lets them experience a cuisine that is certainly different from all the other restaurants on the Central Coast.

Mistura is located in Paso Robles on 700 Clubhouse Dr. on the River Oaks Golf Course and I recommend getting reservations.


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