Sewage spills on Sherman Road

PASO ROBLES — A sewer spillage occurred this weekend on Sherman Road as a result of a blocked pipe in the Quail Run neighborhood. A senior community comprised of about 2,300 homes is regulated by the state as a mobile home park, therefore the city of Paso Robles does not maintain water, sewer or streets within the neighborhood.

“Unfortunately, the sewer line within the neighborhood became clogged with a large mass of tree roots, causing the waste to block the pipe until it came out of the manhole on Lark Drive, which is privately maintained,” said Matt Thompson, Waste Manager for the Waste Management Division in the city of Paso Robles.

“Until we were able to get there the sewage flowed from Lark drive out onto Sherwood Road,” Thompson said. “And on Sherwood Road it entered into an underground storm drain. Fortunately, most of the waste became trapped in the storm drain due to some debris giving crews some time to address the situation before it went any further.

“So after city crews cleared the tree root blockage on Monday and yesterday we went into the storm drain with a vacuum truck and sucked the sewage out of the drain so it couldn’t affect environmental health,” Thompson said.

According to Thompson, Quail Run has since pressure washed their streets with a bleach solution and in combination with the sunshine the area has been effectively disinfected. City crews have done the same on Sherman Road.

“The sewers are now flowing properly, it has all been cleaned up and there should not be any threat to the environment,” Thompson said. “So it’s safe for the public to access now.”

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