Q & A with new Bearcats head football coach J.R. Reynolds

On Dec. 13 the Paso Robles Joint Unified School District Board of Trustees officially announced that J.R. Reynolds will take over the role of head football coach of the Paso Robles Bearcats. Reynolds has held the interim title since week two of the football season after previous head coach Larry Grant and the PRJUSD decided to part ways.

Reynolds graduated from Paso Robles High School in 2008 and has been working as a coach for the Bearcats for years. Reynolds has worked with the freshman teams, lead the junior varsity to back-to-back undefeated season and has now won a league title with the varsity after going undefeated in the PAC 5 this season.

The Paso Robles Press was able to catch up with coach Reynolds and ask him some questions about coaching for his alma mater and what it means to him.

Paso Robles Press: When you started coaching for the Bearcats was it always a goal of yours to take over as the Head Coach of the varsity team?

Reynolds: “Yeah, it has always been a dream of mine since I graduated high school and I didn’t want to do it anywhere else. I mean, this is my community, and this is where I've always wanted to be, so yeah, it was the dream the whole time.”

PRP: How cool is it to be coaching the same uniform you used to wear? You are uniquely qualified to know what these kids are going through because you walked through the same hallways and you heard the same chants from the sidelines, I guess my question is what is it like to be able to go through that with your guys knowing you’ve been there?

Reynolds: “I don't know what the words are still but the opportunity to do it at the only place that I've ever wanted to be head coach, my alma mater and with those kids I’ve been with since they came into high school, it's really exciting to be a member of the community and to know what those kids are dealing with and what it’s like to play under those lights at War Memorial where it is so special. It’s an experience you don't get a lot of other places with getting that community support, having the school support and getting to play in front of that many people in a community like Paso Robles is special.”

PRP: So now that you are officially the head coach what is the next step as you head into your first offseason?

Reynolds: “Well, we are working in the weight room, we are out supporting our teammates who are out playing winter sports whether that be wrestling, basketball or soccer and as a staff, we are kind of focusing on growing and the learning aspect. We are going to get out and go to some clinic stuff and stuff like that too, you know, better ourselves in the offseason but at the same time you know we are going to be in the weight room getting better and getting stronger. We have a lot of players playing multiple sports which is what we want, they are getting better and competing at all times.”

PRP: Are there any guys getting looks in the offseason?

Reynolds: “Yes we have some guys that are going through the recruiting process right now. We have had some schools come in and we are just trying to give our guys some opportunities to play at the next level and there are some real opportunities there.”


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