PRHS Stunt team cruising through league

PASO ROBLES — Their biggest competition in league is supposed to be the Arroyo Grande Eagles, but on Tuesday night the Lady Bearcats stunt team blew them out 21-5 to extend their undefeated streak to five games. An hour later the girls faced Santa Barbara High School and won again, this time 19-9.

Last season, Paso proved they are one of the top teams in the state when they made it all the way to the final round of CIF. This season they have come out of the gates nearly perfect as they try to qualify for the first ever CIF Stunt tournament, which will take place April 24 in Riverside.

“I really couldn't be more proud,” Head Coach Tori Loney said. “We had a great season last year with only one loss in league and then went to the final round of CIF and lost there. Our big goal this year was just to do better on the mat in every routine.”

A perfect score in Stunt is a 21, so far this season the Bearcats have accomplished this feat twice, and scored 20 points two times, in only six games.

“Last year there were certain routines that we didn't have,” Loney said. “There are six levels in each quarter, and out of all of the levels, this year there is only one routine we don't have.”

The Bearcats compete in the Central Coast Stunt League (CCSL), which will send one team to the tournament in Riverside based off of which team has the best record in league. Seeing as Paso just beat their biggest competition 21-5, league is theirs to lose.

“This year we started early during cheer and kind of used it as our skill set, like we would practice our skills and try to add to them,” Jeraly Escamilla, senior and one of the four captains, said. “Last year we started from the bottom, and we didn't want to start there this year.”

When watching the Bearcats play it is common to see them take the mat by themselves. This is not because it is just their turn, it is because the competing team has yet to develop the routine that has been chosen.

“We try to perfect every routine,” another Bearcat senior captain, Mollie Batrum said. “When they don't have level six it is our time to perfect our skills on the mat in a competition setting to get that feeling of what we're supposed to be doing and how it feels when we hit it.”

The Bearcats next home game will be March 22 when they host St. Joseph and Atascadero. The CCSL tournament will take place on April 21st at Paso Robles High School.

(photos contributed by Camden Tucker)


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