Paso urges residents to prepare for upcoming winter storms

PASO ROBLES — Rainfall amounts from anticipated storms could be significant this winter, which may potentially cause local flooding. Paso Robles City staff has taken preemptive measures to mitigate and/or reduce the flooding potential where possible by cleaning drains and other protective measures.

Should you wish to make sandbags to protect private property, City of Paso Robles has sand available at the City Streets Yard located at 1220 Paso Robles St. Make sure to bring a shovel.

Empty sandbags are available for purchase at the following locations:

American Builders Supply, 1108 Paso Robles St., 1-805-239-4317

Lowe’s, 2445 Golden Hill Rd., 1-805-602-9051

Blake’s Hardware, 1701 Riverside Ave., 1-805-238-3934

Farm Supply, 2450 Ramada Dr., 1-805-238-1177

For more information on disaster preparedness and to follow a Flood Safety Checklist, visit the City of Paso Robles Emergency Services website at

Emergency contact information:

For emergencies contact the Paso Robles Police Department by calling 911 or 805-237-6464.

For electrical issues and power outages, call PG&E at 1-800-743-5002.

For storm/street/drainage questions call the Department of Public Works at 805-237-3861.

For more information, contact the City of Paso Robles Public Works Department at 805-237-3861.


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