Paso Robles East Side roads set to be paved

PASO ROBLES  – The City of Paso Robles, Public Works Department has started the road repairs for the Bolen and south Trigo Lane neighborhood. These roads were constructed many years ago with inadequate infrastructure to accommodate the drainage issues, which is one of the reasons the surrounding pavement has deteriorated. In order to preserve the new re-paving work, the City will be installing concrete cross-gutters at various intersections within the neighborhood. In addition, there are also some localized areas where there is the need to perform some repairs by digging out the road surface, compacting the roadbed, and installing base. Once the cross-gutters are installed and the localized areas of repair are completed, then the entire road surface from curb to curb will be re-surfaced with new asphalt.

‘We are so glad that the City is doing these repairs. We have lived here for over 30 years so it is good to finally see our road being fixed’ notes a local resident in the neighborhood.

In addition to the Bolen and south Trigo neighborhood, the project also includes repair work for Caddie Lane and the Golf Place neighborhood, north of Niblick. The projects are funded out of the Supplemental Sales Tax, approved by local voters in 2012. Below are the list of streets that will be repaired/re-surfaced:

Bolen Drive – Creston Road to Nickerson

Corona Court

Tucker Avenue – Trigo Lane to Moss Ave

Trigo Lane – Creston Road to Tucker Ave

Moss Avenue – Bolen Drive to cul-de-sac

Caddie Lane cul-de-sac

Cecil Court

Golf Place cul-de-sac

Gates Court

Country Club Drive – Niblick to Caddie Lane

The $940,000 construction contract work should be completed by late summer.


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