Paso Robles City Council undoes vacation rental ordinance

Matter is sent to STR tack force to work on

PASO ROBLES — Two weeks ago City Council, at the request of the Planning Commission to do something soon to regulate short-term rentals and minus Councilmember Steven Gregory due to a potential conflict of interest, approved an urgency ordinance and the first reading of an ordinance, and then the Council came back Tuesday night and undid everything, this time minus Gregory again and Councilmember John Hamon, who learned he may also have a potential conflict of interest and asked it be put back on the agenda again.

Confused yet? You weren’t the only one.

Several people came before the three remaining members of the Council without conflicts of interest — Mayor Steve Martin, Fred Strong and Maria Garcia — wondering what was going on and asked to just let the matter go before the reconstituted short-term rental task force.

Mayor Martin even quipped, “Not confusing at all.”

In the end, the public received what it asked for after the urgency ordinance was repealed; the second ordinance was not brought back for a second reading; and a subsequent ordinance died for lack of a second.

Even people that had expressed wanting an ordinance at the Feb. 5 Council meeting, were back Tuesday, Feb. 19, asking to let the matter go back to the task force. Much of what was in the proposed ordinance came out of the STR task force’s work in 2017. Back then, the Council decided to only require STRs to get a license instead of putting all of the recommendations into place.

“I think you guys should review this again…because everybody is in a rush,” said Paso Robles resident Margaret Holstine. “Vacation rentals have been out there a long time. Let’s do it the right way and get the task force back in and see what we can do.”

After the proposed ordinance died without a second, the Council directed staff to have the task force review and update a draft ordinance and present a recommendation to the Planning Commission within 60 days.

The short-term rental task force will be meeting on at 10 a.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 27 in the City Council Chamber at 1000 Spring St. The meeting is open to the public.

In other matters Tuesday council:

Niblick Road Hot Spot Repairs and Bridge Deck Restriping — authorized the City Manager to enter into a contract with R. Burke Corporation for “hot spot” repairs and bridge deck restriping for a not-to-exceed amount of $100,424 ($91,295 plus a 10 percent contingency).

Repair of Selected West Side Streets in 2019 — authorized the City Manager to engage the services of Pavement Engineering, Inc. to prepare Plans, Specifications and Estimates for: 10th Street from Vine Street to Spring Street, 6th Street from Spring Street to Pine Street, Park Street from 6th Street to 9th Street, and 9th Street from Pine Street to Park Street, in an amount not-to-exceed $93,869 ($85,335 plus 10 percent contingency).

Sale of a Portion of Pioneer Park Property and Leaseback to the City — approved an agreement with the Paso Robles Museum Foundation and authorized the City Manager to execute a Purchase and Sale Agreement for the sale of a portion of Pioneer Park, and to execute a Lease Back agreement for the property, and authorized the City Manager and City Attorney to make any minor, technical, or non-substantive changes to the agreements, as appropriate.

Sherwood Park Area Masterplan — approved the 2019 Sherwood Park Area Master Plan and authorized the preparation of a project phasing plan, financing plan, engineered construction drawings, and a maintenance/staffing needs analysis.

Options for Increasing Pickleball Court Capacity — directed staff to prioritize the construction of new pickleball courts at Sherwood Park with lighting utilizing reserves and to replenish reserves as funding becomes available. Staff will return to Council with a resolution to establish funding.

The City Council’s next regular meeting is at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, March 5.


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