Paso Robles Assistant City Manager Cogan stepping down

PASO ROBLES — The City of Paso Robles is looking for its next assistant city manager.

Current Assistant City Manager Jim Cogan did not go into the specifics of why he was leaving but confirmed his last day would be April 19.

Cogan was nearing his one-year anniversary on the job. He began his tenure with the City on May 7, 2018.

He replaced long-time City Assistant Manager Meg Williamson, who retired on Dec. 29, 2017, after more than 30 years of serving the community.

Cogan spoke highly of the community, city staff and the council.

“I love Paso Robles,” Cogan said. “My family loves it here. We have made Paso our home. We are very much enjoying the community. I have enjoyed working with the community on some pretty controversial issues and have been so impressed with the way community members respond, provide positive feedback. I have really enjoyed working with the City Council and the City staff. I am excited for what comes next.”

Prior to coming to Paso Robles, Cogan was the Housing and Economic Development Manager for the City of Menlo Park. His resume also included stints as a Government Relations Representative for PG&E, and Chief of Staff to two different councilmembers in San Jose. Cogan received his bachelor’s degree, in political science and philosophy, from Wheaton College in Illinois.

During his time with Paso Robles, Cogan has been the lead on several high profile projects, including the Short-term Rental Task Force; implementation of the City’s pilot parking program; and the City’s transition to by-district elections for the City Council.

The Short-term Rental Task Force has been meeting weekly since Feb. 27, with the goal of recommending an ordinance to the Planning Commission on April 23. On Tuesday, April 2, the City Council chose the map it will use for by-district elections — the map was submitted by a resident at a City map-drawing workshop.

City Manager Tom Frutchey said Cogan appreciated the work of Cogan.

“I want to thank and acknowledge Jim for the important work he has undertaken and the progress he has helped the City make over the past year on economic development, downtown parking, short-term rentals, affordable housing, and other important projects,” Frutchey said. “He will be finishing up a number of these projects before leaving; we will have to find the appropriate staff to take over the others. Fortunately, Jim and his family will be staying in Paso as members of our community.  The entire City team and I wish him well in his future endeavors and look forward to working with him in those efforts.”

The City is using the hiring firm Ralph Andersen and Associates to help fill the position that has a listed annual salary of between $133,632 and $169,812. The job listing states the first review of resumes will occur on May 3.

To view the recruitment brochure for the position, visit


Construction-Engineering Support for the 21st Street Replacement Tank–authorized the City Manager to engage the services of Water Systems Consulting, Inc. (WSC) to provide construction-engineering support to replace the 21st Street Tank, for $297,356, and authorize the use of a 10% contingency for the project in an amount up to $29,736, for a total not-to-exceed budget of $327,092.

• Paso Robles Library Board of Trustees Bylaws–approved the Library Board of Trustees bylaws to clarify the appointment and term of boardmembers as well as duties as an advisory body to the City Council and City Manager.

• Sherwood Park Restroom Construction–Authorize the City Manager to enter into a contract for Sherwood Park Restroom Construction with Newton Construction & Management, Inc. in the amount of $124,500 and authorize the City Manager and City Attorney to make minor adjustments to the agreement, if needed, remaining fully consistent with the Council’s intent. This action includes an appropriation of $18,088 from General Fund Reserves toward the Sherwood Park Restroom Construction project.

• Construction Contract for Spring Street Water and Sewer Pipelines from 24th to 36th Street–authorized the City Manager to execute a construction contract with V. Lopez Jr. and Sons General Engineering for $2,371,888.50, and authorize the use of a 10% construction contingency, in an amount not-to-exceed $237,189 for a total construction budget of $2,609,077.50. Authorized the City Manager to execute a construction inspection services contract to Stantec Engineering Services for $158,250, and authorize the use of a 10% contingency, in an amount not to-exceed $15,825 for a total inspection services budget of $174,075.

• Transition to By-District Council Elections Public Hearing No. 4–adopted an ordinance transition to by-district elections, adopting Revised Map E with a small revision to change the border along Creston Rd. between Districts 2 and 4 to move Sherwood Park from District 2 to 4.  This was the fourth and final public hearing in transitioning to a by-district election system.  The second reading of the ordinance will take place on April 16, 2019.

• Community Choice Energy Discussion–received a presentation, held a discussion, and directed staff to bring back the necessary resolution and ordinance to begin the process of joining the Monterey Bay Community Power Community Choice Energy program.

• National League of Cities Membership–directed the City Manager to renew the City’s National League of Cities membership for the 2019 membership year.

The next City Council meeting will be Tuesday, April 16 at 6:30 p.m.


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