Paso pimp nabbed in Illinois

DA requesting that Walter Thomas be returned to California

MORRIS, ILL. — Former Paso Robles pimp Walter Thomas Jr., 44, was apprehended by Illinois State Police District 5 following a traffic stop on Interstate 80 east of Morris around 7:10 p.m. on Thursday, March 29 after fleeing from the authorities more than a month ago. He was arrested on a California warrant for human trafficking and brought to Grundy County Jail outside of Chicago.

“The DA is going to be extraditing Thomas back to California,” Paso Robles Police Chief Ty Lewis said.

In early February, the Paso Robles Press reported that the police were looking for Thomas, also known as “Shaky,” in connection with an ongoing human trafficking investigation. He was last seen driving a silver Chrysler Pacifica in Paso Robles. It was thought that he might have been headed to Fresno or Clovis.

Paso Robles Police detectives had contacted two women on Jan. 30 who were believed to be victims of human trafficking with Thomas acting as their pimp.

“There is an exploitation process that often times these pimps and panderers, they are basically holding these women in servitude,” Lewis said. “They control the money, where they are staying, where they are living, what kind of clothes they wear and there is often physical abuse, rape and if they don’t comply there are consequences.”

Due to the ongoing investigation, details are being withheld to preserve the integrity of the case.

Lewis did say that since Thomas fled the area, the two victims have been freed from his control. They were put in touch with services and are willing to help with the prosecution of Thomas by sharing their stories.

Thomas is being held on a $1.07 million dollar bond.

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