Paid parking begins Aug. 14 in Paso Robles

Kiosks and mobile app are ready to go

PASO ROBLES The City of Paso Robles will be implementing paid parking downtown on Wednesday, Aug. 14.

The first week of July, the City began installing 34 pay stations and signage.

Once paid parking is launched, parking will be free for the first two hours, followed by a $1 per hour rate. Pay stations will require payment between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m., Monday through Friday. Offering two hours of free parking is a customer convenience that will provide customers downtown with the ability to park short-term free of charge, while allowing them the ability to stay longer, without a time limit, for a very modest fee. All disabled parking with a placard or a plate is free.

Drivers will input their license plate number into the pay station or mobile application,, to initiate a parking session. The license plate number has to be entered to be eligible for 2 free hours of parking per day. Citations for overstaying paid parking or not registering the license plage number will be $33.

Before the launch of paid parking, there was a practice period where visitors could begin to use the pay stations. Parking remained free during the practice period. The practice period intended to allow the public to get familiarized with the technology before paid parking is introduced.

Paid parking will be implemented in the area from 10th Street to 14th Street, and from Spring Street to Pine Street. Spring Street will only have paid parking on the east side between 12th Street and 10th Street. There will also be a merchant validation program to enable customers downtown to validate parking with participating businesses and to encourage businesses to use the validation process as a way to help build customer service and loyalty.

Several free parking locations will also remain available, such as along 14th Street, Railroad Street, Pine Street south of 10th Street, the west side of Spring Street, and within certain public parking lots.

The goal of the paid parking program is to create more convenient on-street parking availability for customers, residents, and visitors by encouraging employees to participate in the City’s downtown business permit parking program, which reserves parking spaces for permit holders in five public parking lots downtown.

Moviegoers at the Park Cinemas will also be able to watch their full movie, eat at a downtown restaurant, and shop, without having to pay for parking, thanks to a special program being jointly offered by Park Cinemas, the City, and the Paso Robles Downtown Main Street Association.

The shift from free to paid parking downtown was put into motion after attempts to curb employee parking downtown was unsuccessful.

After a 6-month employee permit parking pilot — December 2018 to May 2019 — the City found that a large number of employees were still utilizing on-street parking in front of businesses, thereby precluding visitor and customer parking. The paid parking program has been customized for Paso Robles to offer a customer-friendly program that will improve the overall parking experience downtown.

Employees who have not yet signed up for a downtown parking permit are encouraged to do so before the launch of paid parking. The downtown employee parking permit will remain at $5 per month. The City will make adjustments to the permit parking supply based upon demand.

To learn more about parking in downtown Paso Robles, visit If you have any unanswered questions, email [email protected]


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