New head coach for Bearcats

Samantha Woolf takes over

PASO ROBLES — The Paso Robles Bearcats Volleyball team has a new head coach this season, Samantha Woolf. Woolf spent last season coaching the junior varsity team before accepting the varsity head coaching job this year. Because coach Woolf worked with the JV team last year she is familiar with all the girls and has the Bearcats excited about the season ahead.

“Just the work ethic these girls have and they make my job pretty easy actually,” Woolf said. “It's just an awesome group of girls. Our JV team was pretty successful last year so basically all of them are on varsity now and they all get along and it’s just a great group of girls, they all work hard, and they want to win.”

According to Woolf, the Bearcats are strong on the defensive end this year and also have tremendous outside hitting.

“I have too many hitter problems, which is a great problem to have,” she said.

Last year the Bearcats finished third in league with an overall record of (21-12). They made it to the second round of the CIF playoffs before eventually falling to Sierra Canyon. Coach Woolf hopes to build on last years success and, of course, take out Paso’s biggest rival.

“My goal is just to improve every week and do better in league than last year, and beat Atascadero,” she said.

Woolf and the Lady Bearcats will face Morro Bay on Tuesday in their first scrimmage of the year and will host Templeton on Thursday.

Brooke Milder- JR.

PRP: Hi Brooke, what year are you?

BM: Hey, I am going to be a junior.

PRP: So will this be your second year on varsity?

BM: This is actually my first year

PRP: Ok awesome. What then are you most looking forward to this year?

BM: Umm, I’d say playing against harder competition because I really like a challenge.

PRP: So you have the rare luxury of actually moving up to varsity with your coach, can you tell me what is it like having the same coach on JV and now on varsity?

BM: It’s nice because I already know how she like things to be run and I know how she is going to treat us throughout the season. She expects us to work hard but is also nice to us and is our friend and pushes us to be our best while having fun with us so that's exciting.

PRP: Great, you are playing setter this year?

BM: Yes

PRP: So what is your favorite part about playing setter?

BM: Getting to touch the ball every play because I am the second touch every time, well unless I don't get there, but it's fun to be a part of every play.

PRP: Do you have a game that you specifically want to get up for this year? Anyone you really want to beat?

BM: Um definitely A-town. I always want to beat Atascadero because they are our rivals.

PRP: Of course, anyone else?

BM: Probably Templeton, them and A-town are our two rivals.

PRP: I know you weren't on varsity last year, but have you personally noticed the team preparing differently for this season that in years past?

BM: We have definitely spent more time together and had more summer workouts. I feel like because last year we didn't have as many [workouts] since the coaches were picked so late. So it’s been really nice to be with these girls all summer.

PRP: That’s awesome. OK, last question. What do you see as one of the team's strengths this year?

BM: Definitely our team chemistry, everyone gets along so well on each of the teams. I feel like we're so connected that we can talk about things, like if one of my hitters want different sets then they can just tell and I won't feel hurt about it or anything like that.

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