Mike Anderson

Very few of us are lucky enough to have a family member that everyone only has positive memories of. Words like kind, honest, caring, outgoing, community activist, fantastic father, grandfather and husband are used to describe him. Our family lost such a man on Christmas Eve 2017.
Mike Anderson was born in Lancaster on March 6, 1944 and his family soon moved to the San Joaquin Valley and then to Garden Grove. Mike was a tremendous high school athlete and excelled in football and shot put. But you would have to pull these stories out of him because he was always more interested in learning about you then talking about his glory days. Mike had a life long love of drag racing and the NHRA. Every weekend was spent watching NHRA or if he could not see it on T.V. he subscribed to them online. The March Meet was a “must go” event each year.
Mike drove public transportation in San Luis Obispo County for 22 years. He drove the RTA in San Luis Obispo as well as the North County shuttle and dial a ride in Morro Bay and Atascadero. Mike truly enjoyed his work and loved being able to help his riders. Mike was able to build personal relationships with many people in the community and was always available to help someone that was in need. He was a great example of what being a true humanitarian can look like in a small community.
Mike is survived by his wife of 18 years Sandra, sister Andrea, six children, 11 grandchildren, and a large extended family that loved him very much and will miss him every day. We will celebrate Mike’s life on Sunday Feb. 11 at Atascadero Lake Pavilion. Please join us from 2 to 5 p.m. for lunch and celebration.


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