Mid-State Fair carnival to cut prices in half this year

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PASO ROBLES — Value in ride, game and food concessions pricing was a major factor in deciding on a new Carnival provider for the 2017 California Mid State Fair. Helm and Sons Amusements of Colton California was awarded the contract to provide amusement rides, carnival games and food for the next five years after a very comprehensive bidding process.

“Helm and Sons Amusements is very committed to providing not only great guest service but they are very conscious of pricing and value," said CMSF CEO Michael Bradley." They have committed to maintaining the same daily unlimited ride wristband pricing for this year as in the past.”

In 2017, individual ride tickets will be 50 percent less to purchase than past years. Guests wishing to purchase ride tickets instead of wristbands, will find that the tickets are priced at .50 cents each and rides costs less per ride than other Carnivals. The number of tickets per ride varies from 4 to 12.

“The maximum price per ride regardless of the ride, even the largest most extreme rides like the Big Splash, on our show is $6. Compare this to other Carnivals where the ticket price is $1 each and the number per ride is up to 7 or 8 resulting in a cost of $8 or 25 percent more than we charge! We think this is a great value,” Davey Helm, CEO of Helm and Sons Amusements, said. 

Even the Carnival games offer an excellent value. Many games have an option for a $2 or $3 game, many games are Winner-Every-Time, which means that just for playing you take home a prize. And according to Helm even the harder to win games of skill provide a prize once a guest has spent $20 at that game.

You will see fewer games at this year’s fair reported Helm. “We like to keep the game duplications to a minimum and we feel that with good variety less is more when it comes to games. While we have something for every guest taste from sports to traditional games, we don’t believe in just filling space with games, we want a good balance of rides, games and food."

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