Letters to the Editor 9-21-18

ELECT HEATHER Newsom to City council


Heather Newsom has not lived her entire life in Atascadero. But in a few short years she has contributed a lifetime of service to our community

Heather serves on the Atascadero Greyhound Foundation board of directors. She has been our treasurer for the past three years.  She has brought skill and clarity to the financial aspect of this complex non-profit organization.

As a director for the Foundation, she continually provides talent and energy, and demonstrates a deep concern for the youth that we serve. Heather personally sponsors a sizable scholarship each year to a graduating senior at Atascadero High School.

Heather is honest and caring, and very intelligent. She is thoughtful in her comments and in the decisions she makes. She is recognized by her fellow board members for her hard work and dedication to the mission of the Greyhound Foundation.

It is without reservation that I recommend Heather Newsom to be elected to the City Council of Atascadero.

Donn Clickard


Global warming


The topic I will be discussing is how global warming is and will continue to impact Paso Robles.

Paso is naturally a fairly dry and hot place year-round and there is nothing inherently bad about this. But with increasing global temperatures and extremes I anticipate that soon enough Paso will become unlivable.

Not in the sense that humans can’t survive here but in the sense that no one will want to live here.

Tourism sustains Paso. It drives industry and without it Paso will die. How long do you think we  survive when our yearly rainfall and increased temperatures year-round prevent wine from being made here. Global warming will kill Paso, and may other places. It’s only a matter of time.

Emmit Herrington

Paso Robles


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