Letters to the Editor 5-10-19

Dogs and Bots


No doubt dogs are man’s & woman’s best friend. My impression is that there are as many such friends as humans in Atascadero. But dogs that bark endlessly at the slightest provocation are not their neighbors’ best friend. Out of consideration, owners should consider getting citronella bark collars. They are humane and effective. One of our neighbors did and it was much appreciated. An unrelated topic: Huge congratulations to the GrayBots for their amazing achievement, for which all citizens should be very proud.

Ray Weymann


Short-term rentals OK


Regarding the ongoing discussion over potential changes to the permitting of short-term rentals in Paso Robles and possible ban altogether, I would like to share my personal experience to help your readers to see the bigger picture and the benefits that properly operated short term rentals bring to the community as a whole.

My wife and I have been coming to Paso Robles for many years and fell in love with the atmosphere and all that Paso Robles has to offer. We plan to become part of the community someday, as we decided that it is the place we would like to retire to. In anticipation of this, we were blessed to have been able to purchase a home there now that will afford us the opportunity to realize this dream when we retire.

Until that time, we decided to rent our home out as a vacation rental. As part of this process, we made a sizable investment in preparing it for rental, utilizing local contractors and tradespeople, as well as other local businesses to furnish and outfit it. We continue to employ local businesses on an on-going basis for the maintenance, upkeep and operation of the property.

Our property is properly permitted, and we collect and remit the appropriate City taxes. To be successful, our property management team relies on positive reviews which can only be obtained with a well-cared-for property, so they go to great lengths to ensure that our property is always neat and tidy and presents itself as a positive ambassador for the neighborhood. They also realize that nobody wins if the property is over-occupied, so they take steps to firmly restrict the number of occupants.

We have met many of our neighbors and all have had only positive comments on our property, and none have taken issue with its status as a short-term rental; in fact, most have mentioned their appreciation of how well we maintain our property.

While we recognize that not all short-term rentals may share our positive experience, we would hope that those would be the exceptions rather than the rule, and a general ban or curtailment on short-term rentals would result in the City losing all of the many benefits they provide in order to address what could be argued are isolated issues.

Rather than ban short-term rentals altogether or even curtail them, these exceptions (i.e., the “bad apples”) and the resulting issues should be culled out and addressed directly with an aim toward remediation rather than elimination.

Larry Lutz



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