Letters to the Editor 4-5-19

Who’s The Culprit?


The Atascadero City Council has unanimously adopted an ordinance to fine those who overuse and/or place inappropriate non-recycle articles in their City blue recycle bins.

When was the last time you received education from the City’s garbage collector — Waste Management? Over the years, what may have been recyclable, may not be now.

Remember: Atascadero is the city who did not support the local recycle storefront which ultimately closed. Atascadero’s City Council was urged last year at a Council meeting, I attended, to join with the County SLO Foam Free campaign toward eliminating expanded polystyrene, basically styrofoam, but choose not to. I am wondering if the City is interested in recycling or exceeding their contracted collective contamination rate levels?

Who will enforce this ordinance?

A city campaign to educate the community at large first would have been a better tact. Instead, we have what seems to be punitive ordinance because people “ignorantly”  abuse the limit and/or contents of their recycle bins which they pay to use.

This ordinance, to me, is not in the vein of recycling but punishment instead of working together through community education to protect the health, safety and welfare of the community and enhance our environment.

Lee Perkins



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