Letters to the Editor 4-19-19

Thank you to the community


How do Bill and I begin to say thank you? You’ve heard the phrase “there are no words that can express how truly grateful we are…”.  Well it’s true.  Our gratitude for all you’ve done for us during these last few months will never be adequately expressed in tears, in smiles or in words… let alone on paper. Each of you have given Bill and I the greatest of gifts…your support, your love and your friendship.  We never realized just how many good friends and family we have. You have been there with heartfelt words and warm hugs. You have been there with delicious meals and with rolled up sleeves. You have been there when we needed you the most and you reassured us we were not alone.  From the beginning when we first learned of the gravity of Bill’s diagnosis…you were there with us in spirit and in your prayers and we felt them. Those prayers and our faith, give us the courage and determination to continue to the fight. I must also extend a special Thank you to all of you who helped care for my elderly mother who was living with us, when Bill’s diagnosis overwhelmed her in my absence. I am forever grateful for when our friends in Kiwanis Club told Bill and I, “We’ve got this” as there was not enough of me to support both Bill and my ailing mother simultaneously.

Finally there isn’t a Thank you big enough to express our gratitude to everyone in the community who supported the BBQ Fundraiser last weekend for Bill.  It is beyond my ability to adequately express our deep appreciation to everyone for their support and to the Kiwanis Club of Atascadero and the Atascadero Veterans Memorial Foundation for sponsoring what I hear was an amazing event. Someone asked me if I’d be there but I responded Bill needs me to be with him. Please know the funds you so generously raised will be used to help offset the daunting costs of Bill’s medical care that fall outside what insurance will pay.  My “thank you’s” would be incomplete if I didn’t also thank each of you who so generously donated to a secret GoFundMe account that took Bill and I by surprise. The GoFundMe is tremendously appreciated as well. Bill and I had no idea there would be so many expenses outside of what health insurance will cover and using the VA Medical system is nearly impossible to navigate from our area. 

Thank you again for all you have done for Bill, myself and our family..  We are truly blessed to have all of you in our lives. 

Ann and Col. Bill Hatch


Socialism will not work


Well, he is at it again! The Atascadero News chose to print another Commentary from our local socialist writer. Where do you even begin with debating him on all his misinformation and socialist views?

The main theme of all his commentaries is that private employers are greedy and that the government is the solution to all our problems. His latest solution to the housing crisis is to have government agencies build houses, saying it will be a sure-fire way to get affordable housing. This is a laughable solution begging the question “What government agency is efficient, effective, and comes in on time and under budget?”

He says that keeping the minimum wage low, refusing to implement single-payer health insurance, and failure to unionize more workers, and allowing businesses to become monopolies and control prices (greed again), allows a political-economic system to put profits into the hands of the wealthy and only crumbs for the rest. His lack of basic economics and business acumen fails to address the main purpose of a business which is to make a profit. It is not greed on the part of the business to be profitable, but a basic necessity. There are no mechanisms in business to just enact another tax or print money to stay in business. The only survival of the business is a profit. Without profits and the enormous taxes, they generate all these social programs and government boondoggles would collapse.

As for single-payer health insurance (socialism), Finland like many other countries, which all the socialists like to use as an example of single-payer health insurance, just admitted it is in dire financial straits due to its single-payer health insurance. We have already started raising the minimum wages and we can see what happens. Many businesses have gone to kiosks and employee reductions to stay in business due to the rising costs of employee wages, health care, etc. We can also see what the union domination of our government employees has already caused. Many cities in California have already filed for bankruptcy and more could, due to the billions of dollars in unfunded pension liabilities and the inability of cities and counties to fund the exorbitant benefits and pensions promised to workers by union-backed politicians.

He shows his lack of understanding of basic capitalism and human nature when he says that legislators should demand that developers include affordable housing by increasing it to 65% of the project. This is patently ridiculous because if developers can’t make a profit they will not build here at all, making the problem worse. Affordable housing is unfortunately probably unattainable, unless the landowners are willing to sell their property at a huge loss, unless government agencies waive all the fees and taxes, unless builders and developers can convince their workers to work for less and the builders are willing to work at a loss, we will not see affordable housing around here.

We can’t possibly solve the affordability problem unless we attract more high paying jobs by encouraging businesses that make “profits” to move here, which might enable them to pay these higher salaries. Increasing minimum wages won’t do it!

He, ignorantly says that capitalism has caused the affordable housing crisis and that democratic socialism is the answer. History shows socialism has never worked and never will work. All you have to do is to look at all the failed socialist and communist countries that have failed in the past, and then look at the current situation in Cuba and Venezuela to see how well socialism works. Once you take the incentive away from people to achieve financial success by over taxation and redistribution of that wealth, you kill the desire of those people to take the risks and hard work necessary and then you kill the goose that laid the golden egg.

Allen Litten



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