Letters to the Editor 10-26-18

Dumbfounded by
Fonzi’s commentary


I am dumbfounded by Al Fonzi ’s commentary “Cutting  Through The Smoke Screen”.  Mr. Fonzi would have us believe he is a credible expert on Atascadero City  Council candidate  Susan Funk.  But his writing tells a different story. To begin  with, Mr. Fonzi  denounced  Susan Funk as being   “grossly uninformed.” After which  he wrote, “ I’ve never met Atascadero City Council candidate Susan Funk, but have only heard about her stances from others....” So what is that makes  Mr. Fonzi an expert on  Susan Funk?  Hearsay? The opinions of others?

As voters, we need to know who we are electing to office. 

Fortunately, I know Susan Funk,  I  have worked alongside her preparing and serving meals at our local homeless shelter, ECHO.  But don’t rely on my word as an endorsement of  Susan Funk’s character or qualifications.   Go to her website at https://funkforcitycouncil.com/about/.

Study the site, analyze her positions, take her survey, send her an e-mail . Give her a call. Talk with her.  Arrange to have her meet with you and your neighbors.  Afterward, you will discover Susan Funk is anything  but  “grossly uninformed” 

Besides holding an MBA from Stanford and successfully managing her own business for the last  25 years, Mrs. Funk is a well a known figure in our community.   She values public service.  She volunteers with a variety of organizations and speaks with civic groups.   She is non-partisan,  she listens well,  she embraces to new ideas and is dedicated to an open government that serves all.

Whatever research you do before casting your ballot this year, do n’t just rely on the opinions of others or the commentary of Fonzi.

Robert Skinner


Troubled by Walters’ letter


I was troubled by Ron Walters’ recent letter written on behalf of “A Better Atascadero,” a support group for Republican candidates. It’s natural that even in this non-partisan office that organization would endorse the two Republican-affiliated candidates, who are running as a bloc. Their yard signs are often together, their personal and organizational donors are almost the same, their logos and placards were on the same float in the Colony Days parade and they appeared at the same booth there, they say similar things, etc.

What bothered me most is Walters’ implication that having someone outside this bloc who might introduce diverse ideas on the city council can only lead to conflict, and that what happened 10 years ago is bound to happen again. He seems to believe that only by having all city council members come from the same political perspective can the council get anything done peacefully.

Having only one point of view represented on the city council of any community is stifling to creativity and growth. No one party or political perspective has a monopoly on good ideas. Susan Funk is an independent thinker supported by Republicans, Democrats and Independents. She is dedicated to bringing fresh voices to the council AND to respectful treatment of everyone’s ideas. She is looking forward to working positively with existing and newly elected council members to tackle challenges together.

And Susan believes unopposed candidate Heather Moreno, who will be mayor, is sincere in her pledge to keep relationships civil. We do not have to revisit the mistakes and rancor of the past.

Linda Baker


Support Funk
for council


I am writing to ask Atascadero voters to support Susan Funk for City Council. I am a businesswoman and volunteered for years with the Atascadero Chamber of Commerce Women in Business Committee.

Susan owns and operates a local business. I am impressed by Susan’s can-do attitude and ability to listen to all stakeholders. Her innovative ideas for revitalizing our downtown got my attention. Susan exhibits practicality that I think will appeal to a wide range of voters.

I trust Susan to make efficient use of our city resources while working with the whole council to move Atascadero forward.

Marguerite Kelly Pulley


AUSD trustees doing a good job


As a former trustee for the Atascadero Unified School District for 13 years, I feel that I have some knowledge of the district. I know that the district has a dedicated board of trustees that are serving the students and parents of the district as well as the taxpayers of the district that is committed to providing the best education to the students that are possible with the resources they are provided. They have used the monies that they have for construction to make all of the schools in the district the envy of other districts in the county.

The residents of the district need to re-elect Donn Clickard, Tami Gunther, Ray Buban and retain George Shoemaker to the board of trustees. The district is in good hands so let’s keep a good thing going. They have my vote.

George E.Galvan

San Luis Obispo County Board of Education

Vote no on Measure G


An article reported: “Yes on Measure G proponents have acknowledged that the language of the initiative is confusing.” I’m starting to wonder if the confusing language is on purpose because even Measure G supporters are confused about the initiative’s language. We’ve heard them give conflicting explanations about what kind of oil well maintenance Measure G does and doesn’t allow.

Measure G leader Charles Varni’s rhetoric makes it crystal clear he hates oil and gas production and wants to shut it down in San Luis Obispo County. I’ll bet dollars to donuts that if Measure G passes, Measure G supporters will file lawsuits claiming some routine maintenance activity at the Price Canyon facility violates Measure G and seek to shut it down — their current campaign promises notwithstanding.

Don’t believe Varni and the Yes on Measure G crowd: if it passes, oil and gas production in SLO County will shut down — and that is exactly what they want. Vote no on G.

Edie Knight



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