Letters to the Editor 10-05-18

Ostrander sees the big picture


I was fortunate to have attended one of the Bill Ostrander and Jordan Cunningham debates, and there is no doubt that Ostrander is our man to represent the Central Coast in the California Assembly.

Cunningham, on the other hand, is short-sighted, narrow-thinking, and subscribes to the old school policy of give as many tax breaks as you can to the big businesses in the hopes that they will pass on those savings to employees or investments in their businesses. Unfortunately, we know that is not was usually happens: the CEO’s pocket all the money and that leaves us with less funding for schools, libraries, fire protection, police, etc. But Cunningham is a money worshipper, and if that is the type of person you want in office, then vote for him.

But Ostrander is different. He sees the big picture, is forward-thinking, understands agriculture and running a business, and really wants everyone to have opportunities to succeed. And by the way, those ads that Cunningham is airing about Ostrander are just slime. Cunningham knows Ostrander’s story, yet he still distorts the facts into lies just to smear a good, hard-working businessman.

Ostrander has my vote for Assembly, and I hope you check out the facts about him. You will see that he is the much better candidate to bring prosperity to our county.

Mark Tomes

Santa Margarita

Big Brothers, Big Sisters rewarding


As a local citizen, I am often struck by the challenges facing our local communities. Poverty and school dropout are two of my biggest concerns. Often, it is the children who are hit hardest, devastated by trauma, leaving them with little hope. Yet each member of our community is full of potential, particularly the children. This is why I have invested 10 years supporting Big Brothers Big Sisters of San Luis Obispo County, fighting for hope and defending potential.

Big Brothers Big Sisters creates long-lasting, meaningful mentoring relationships for youth that re-ignite possibilities and help struggling youth to dream big and achieve higher aspirations.

However, across the country, volunteerism and brand recognition is declining, especially among younger generations. Locally, more than 120 children are waiting to be matched with volunteer mentors. We know that the need is urgent and that having a Big Brother or Big Sister can help youth better navigate academic, family and personal challenges.

To communicate the sense of urgency for community support of this vital, proven program, Big Brothers Big Sisters of San Luis Obispo County has announced a new, modernized brand. The new mark is a powerful symbol designed to represent the role of Little Brothers and Little Sisters in a mentoring relationship, and to appeal to every generation.

My personal experience with my Little Brother and his family has been very rewarding. He continues to mature into a young man that I’m confident will be a contributing member to our community and will be a good example for his younger sibling.

As a volunteer Big Brother, President of the Board of Directors, donor and advocate, I invite you to join me in defending the potential of our community’s children. Regardless of your resources (time, funds voice and heart), you are key to helping Big Brothers Big Sisters of San Luis Obispo County contribute to bright futures, better school outcomes and stronger communities for all.

Dave Axberg

President, Big Brothers Big Sisters of San Luis Obispo County


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