LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Cunningham, Monning deserve thanks for securing Chalome 'Y' funding


Our local Assemblyman Jordan Cunningham and State Senator Bill Monning both deserve a great deal of credit for their role in securing $197 million in state transportation dollars for San Luis Obispo County to fund key improvements to the Cholame “Y” intersection of Highways 41 and 46. This section of highway is ominously known as “blood alley” due to the alarming number of fatal car crashes that have occurred there over the years and has badly needed upgrades for quite some time.

Arriving at a solution required navigating the state’s transportation processes and funding programs, which is why Assemblyman Cunningham’s efforts, in partnership with Senator Monning and other state officials, were key.

Cunningham personally lobbied Governor Brown’s office and regularly met with a medley of agencies, including the California Transportation Commission, CHP and Caltrans to get the project approved. He also supported local organizations including the San Luis Obispo Council of Governments, as well as local leaders, to form a coalition in support of the effort.

All of their hard work paid off. San Luis Obispo won funding approval for Highway 46 improvements, which includes the desperately needed new interchange at the Cholame “Y.” Our local roads will be much safer because of it.


Tom O’Malley,

Steve Martin,

Mayor, City of Atascadero

Mayor, City of Paso Robles

Board President,

SLO Council of Governments

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