Kathleen Dugger-Steiger

Kathleen Dugger-Steiger passed away July 31, 2018, from complications of liver cancer. She was born May 24, 1951, in Aurora, Colo. and grew up in Santa Barbara. The daughter of Robert B. Dugger and Marilyn Churchill-Dugger, the granddaughter of Paso Robles pioneers, Ada Forbes-Dugger and Robert Bolling (Boney) Dugger. Kathleen loved her family, art, and music. Having achieved straight “A’s” throughout her school years, at Ojai Valley school, she graduated from Sonoma State University with a degree in Psychology. She was a wife, a mother, daughter, a sister and beloved friend to many.

Surviving family members include her daughters, Jessie Vital and Jocelyn Willis, Her brothers, Bo Dugger and Scott Jeffreys, Her uncle Greg Churchill, Mother, Marilynn Churchill, and grandchildren Angel, Renelle, Matthias, and Charolette. We will all miss Kathleen.


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