Hotel Cheval in Paso Robles ranked as No. 1 small hotel in U.S.

Wins top TripAdvisor awards

PASO ROBLESHotel Cheval recently announced that it was named the No.1 small hotel in the United States by TripAdvisor’s 2018 Traveler’s Choice Awards. The Paso Robles-based boutique hotel was also recognized as No. 8 small hotel in the world and No. 1 most romantic hotel in the United States by the web-based travel review company.

The news came just months before the hotel’s eleventh year in operation and on the verge of plans to expand the hotel across the street from its current location at 1021 Pine Street.

Hotel Cheval General Manager Jayne Christman said the announcement was a huge honor for the hotel and that such a recognition would help to put Paso Robles on map.

“It’s a prestigious award,” Christman said. “TripAdvisor is globally recognized, which was huge for us. Just the fact that the feedback is from the guests and the guest reviews are such a huge part of the hospitality industry. It was a wonderful reflection on our staff and how proud they are of what they do, we were thrilled.”

Christman said the hotel staff’s attention to detail and enthusiasm for providing a personalized experience contributed to winning the award.

“They just want to give every guest a delightful stay and a one-of-a-kind experience,” she said. “We pride ourselves on providing a very personal experience, from the minute you walk through the door you’re welcomed by your name. We try to be really proactive with everyone's needs and we understand that requirement ahead of time, it is just huge for our guests. We’re very proud of our history. We have a lot of repeat guests and I think they come back for that really unique experience… the guests feel like they are coming home and we have repeat guests for that reason.”

Hotel Cheval opened in April 2007 as a luxury boutique hotel with 16 rooms, a quiet library room for guests, indoor courtyard complete with sitting areas around an outdoor fireplace and an attached wine bar and lounge that is open to the public called The Pony Club.

The hotel is proactively making upgrades to the current property because they want the space to feel as exciting as the new location, which is proposed to break ground in the fall, according to Christman. The new location would allow guests to come and go between the two properties and would include an infinity pool and spa.

Hotel Cheval has grown over the past 10 years and Christman said the hotel has had to extend its season by a few months because of the influx of tourists, many whom are here to tour the wine region.

“We’re pretty much full every weekend,” Christman said. “We’ve seen our season grow — peak season used to be May through October, now we’ve extended that to March through the end of November. We’ve seen an interest in the wineries, so it’s exciting to see that growth.”

Paso Robles was recently included on TripAdvisor’s Top Destinations On The Rise list for 2018, a popular yearly list that ranks destination areas based on the number of positive traveler reviews on the site accumulated over 12 months.

“We’re so proud of the fact that Paso Robles has had a light shone on it,” Christman said of the recent recognition Hotel Cheval has received. “We were delighted.”


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