Heavy training activity at Fort Hunter Liggett

FORT HUNTER LIGGETT — There are heavy training activities throughout the summer, and civilians traveling through Fort Hunter Liggett on Nacimiento-Fergusson Road are strongly advised to stay on paved roads to get to State Highway 1, officials stated.

Fort Hunter Liggett is a Federal property and wandering off Nacimiento-Ferguson Road is trespassing and a safety concern. In addition to military training, there is wildlife, and heat exhaustion is a possibility that the public is urged to take into consideration while traveling through the post. There is no gas station from post to the coast. Finally, there is high risk of wildfires due to the hot and dry weather.

For non-emergency customer service or to inquire about the status of public roads on post, call 831-386-2513. For roads in Los Padres National Forest/Big Sur/State Highway 1 call Caltrans at 805-549-3138/3318 or 831-422-0396. For recorded Caltrans road closure information, call 800-427-7623.

For general information about Fort Hunter Liggett, visit their website at www.liggett.army.mil or call 805-386-2682.

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