Hannah Katches named Cuesta’s 2019 George Silveria Memorial Student-Athlete Award

SAN LUIS OBISPO — The 2019 George Silveria Athletic Career Award winner is multi-sport Star Hannah Katches (Paso Robles HS).  Katches competed in three sports for Cuesta. She competed in volleyball and track & field for two seasons and spend one year with basketball. both water polo and swimming for two seasons.  In individual track and field, Katches’s outstanding power helped her excel in the throws, however it is his overall athleticism that also made her a star in volleyball.

The George Silveria Memorial Student/Athlete Career Award was established in 1966 by the Booster Club Board of Directors to honor and serve as a memorial for George Silveria. Silveria was a graduate of San Luis Obispo District Junior College in 1948. He was the captain of the championship football team in 1947, he was an executive member of the student body, and he was a good student and was extensively involved in the community. He was well respected by his teammates, coaches, teachers and fellow peers. He truly exemplified the meaning of student/athlete. George served in World War II and died of Leukemia in 1961. The award has been given annually and from 1966 to 2002 as the Cuesta Athlete of the Year Award. Cuesta began giving a men’s and a women’s award in 1978 and did so until 2003, when Cuesta established the Outstanding Athlete of the Year Award, which left the George Silveria Award to stand on its own as a career award. It was decided that the merits emphasized by the award were not restricted by gender and the athletic department returned to only one award per year. This is the 54th year of Cuesta College Athletics and the 54th year of the George Silveria Award.

The award takes into consideration the student/athletes’ career as an athlete, their involvement in the college and community, sportsmanship, citizenship, coachabilty and leadership on and off the field. In a sense, this award exemplifies type of athlete we strive to mold here at Cuesta.

Katches is a two-time CCCAA State Qualifier in track & field and twice earned all-Western State Conference honors in both the Javelin and Shot Put.  She ranks third all time at Cuesta in the Javelin (129 feet and 1 inch) and sixth all time in the Shot Put (37-6.75). This Spring, Katches won both a conference and regional title in the Javelin. She is undefeated and ranked #1 in the State in the event.

Katches was a two-year starter on Cuesta Women’s Volleyball team.  Katches was one of the program’s most prolific Outside Hitters. She ranks No. 15 in the program’s history with 316 career kills and was named to the 2018 all-Western State Conference Second Team this past fall.

Katches also played one season on Cuesta Women’s Basketball team She joined the team late after her first volleyball season and served as the team’s back-up Center.  She averaged 1.2 points and 1.4 rebounds per game.

George Silveria Career Student-Athlete

1966                            Ray Sayler (Football, Basketball, Baseball)

1967                            Mark Anderson (Cross Country, Track & Field)

1968                            Jim Sunderland (Wrestling)

1969                            Richard Abney (Football, Wrestling)

1970                            Steve Mowrey (Golf)

1971                            Larry Ramos (Football, Wrestling)

1972                            George Palmer (Wrestling)

1973                            Camillo Alarcio (Football, Wrestling)

1974                            Paul Kinne (Football, Baseball)

1975                            Rusty Kuntz (Football, Basketball, Baseball) & Dave Rusco (Basketball, Baseball)

1976                            Kevin Hunstad (Football, Wrestling)

1977                            Randy Roeder (Football, Baseball)

               Male                                      Female

1978         Edmund Alarcio (FB, MTF)        Laura McCarthy (WXC, WTF)

1979         Shawn Kuhn (MBB, Golf)          Celeste Martyn (WXC, WTF)

1980         Steve Mitchell (MBB, MTF)         Catherine Belcher (WXC, WTF, SB)

1981         Gregg Fambrough (MWP, MSD) Joanne Cooper (VB)

1982         Tom McKeown (MXC, MTF)        Heidi Hausner (VB, WSD)

1983         Matt Armbruster (MXC, MTF)     Karen Canfield (SB)

1984         Bill Lucia (MWP, MSD)              Toni Venturini (VB)

1985         Sean Chambers (MBB, MTF)      Kelly Buzza (WXC, WTF)

1986         Hank Peterson (MWP, MSD)       Tracey Ross (WXC, WTF)

1987         Karl Blum (MWP, MSD)             Cathy Jones (WXC, WTF)

1988         Todd Bates (MWP, MSD)           Jennifer Bland (WSD) & Kelly Porter (MWP, MSD)

1989         Brad Dodge (MT)                      Vanessa Hornbuckle (VB, WBB) & Kathryn Krieger (WXC, WTF)

1990         Steve Long (MWP, MSD)            Monica Castro (WT)

1991         Dean Jefferis (MWP, MSD)         Melissa McCormick (WSD)

& Cee Cee Yancy (WBB)

1992         Geoff Bradshaw (MTF)              Alyssa Van Schmus (WTF)

1993         Kipp Ortenberger (MXC, MTF)    Erin Breeze (VB, WBB)

1994         Kipp Ortenberger (MXC, MTF)    Wendy Ward (VB, WBB)

1995         Mike Barrow (MWP, MSD)         Courtney Peters (WT)

1996         Shannon Lamb (MWP, MSD)      Carrie Musolff (VB, WBB, WT)

1997         Marco Hanlon (BB)                   Anicia Bonds (WBB, WTF)

1998         Mark Merlo (MWP, MSD)           Ashley Messer (VB, WBB)

1999         Chris Lund (MWP, MSD)            Ashley Messer (VB, WBB)

2000         Sergio Reyes (MXC, MTF)          Mary Benson (WWP, WSD)

2001         Patrick Furelos (MWP, MSD)      Melinda Flores (WXC, WTF)

2002         Doug Leach (MWP, MSD)           Courtney Christy (WWP, WSD)

2003                            Katie Dacus (Water Polo, Swim & Dive)

2004                            Christina Reyes (Cross Country, Track & Field)

2005                            Bryan Etnrye (Water Polo, Swim& Dive)

2006                            Chris Stehula (Cross Country, Track, Swim & Dive)

2007                            Becca Reyes (Cross Country, Track & Field)

2008                            Ian Starkie (Water Polo, Swim& Dive)

2009                            Tammy Barksdale (Water Polo, Swim & Dive)

2010                            Kayla Cribbs (Volleyball, Basketball)

2011                            Evan Norton (Water Polo, Swim& Dive)

2012                            Alexandria Bernard (Water Polo, Swim & Dive)

2013                            Erin Casey (Water Polo, Swim & Dive) & Matt Giancanelli (Water Polo, Swim & Dive)

2014                            Riley Cooks (Volleyball, Track & Field)

2015                            Rachel Gruetzmacher (Water Polo, Swim & Dive)

2016                            Aly Voth (Cross Country, Track & Field)

2017                            Sean McDermott (Cross Country, Track & Field)

2018                            Austin Barton (Water Polo, Swim & Dive)

2019                                     Hannah Katches (Volleyball, Basketball, Track & Field)


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