Golf: Williams leads Bearcats

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Paso Robles falls to Atascadero Thursday

The Lady Bearcats golf team traveled to Atascadero this Tuesday to face its biggest rivals in a dual match. The Bearcats lost to the Hounds 299-254 but played well considering their disadvantage because they do not have a full roster. There are five girls on the team this season: Kayla Williams, Kayla Hernandez, Josie Scruggs, Victoria Stewart and Hailie Smith. A typical girls golf team has at least six members and competes with six in each dual meet and mini-tournament.

“The fact that we only have five means we are taking every score every round so it’s definitely a challenge because we don’t have a score to scrap,” Head Coach Chris Owens said, “but with that being said I can’t tell you how impressed I am with how they are playing as a team. The four girls that I have that are all returning are all playing magnificent golf and are playing better than they have ever before.

The Bearcats don't have the luxury of dropping their highest score if someone has a rough day. For example, the Greyhounds highest score on Tuesday was a 60, but because they have six players they dropped that score, saving them one stroke overall because their next highest score was a 59.

Williams is a senior and the number one golfer for the Bearcats. She was the medalist (recorded the lowest score on the day for either team) in their dual match against Arroyo Grande last week but finished second for the Bearcats at Chalk Mountain on Tuesday finishing with a 57. Williams is currently the 11th ranked golfer in league this year per the numbers released Wednesday morning. Williams has been a golfer since her Freshman year and has continued to improve each and every season.

“Kayla Williams coming up from her freshman year to her senior year for her to be in the top two groups is just phenomenal,” Owens said.  “Last year, at the end of the season, I think her rank was 28th and for her to move from that to now it really shows how much time and effort she put into her game.”

On Tuesday Williams was outshot by her Kayla counterpart, Kayla Hernandez, the Bearcats number two golfer who shot a 51. Hernandez actually played in the number one spot at Chalk Mountain with Scruggs playing in the number two spot. The two girls are good friends and since there aren’t many duals left in the season Coach Owens wanted to give the girls a chance to play together. The two spent the afternoon chatting up the fairways and had to be reminded, light-heartedly, by their coach to keep moving and pay attention throughout the day. 

The Bearcats are currently in the middle of the pack in PAC 8 play, but the match Tuesday provided some great training as League Finals will be hosted at Chalk Mountain Golf Course this year.

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