Estrella Warbirds Museum acquires vintage Taylor J-2 Cub

Sherman Smoot, Estrella Warbirds Museum past-President, flew the Taylor J-2 Cub from Visalia Airport back to the Estrella Warbirds Museum. The 1936 Taylor J-2 Cub was donated by Steve Dwelle and restored by DelAir at KTPV in the Porterville Municipal Airport. (Contributed photos)

Rare aircraft is oldest flyable J-2 on record with the FAA

PASO ROBLES — Estrella Warbirds Museum received a generous donation from Steve Dwelle of a 1936 Taylor J-2 Cub on Tuesday, Jan. 22.
Pilots Scott Stelzle, Estrella Warbirds Museum Vice President, and Sherman Smoot, Estrella Warbirds Museum past-President, traveled to Visalia Airport and Smoot flew this vintage aircraft back to the museum.
Master aircraft restorers at DelAir, located at KTPV at the Porterville Municipal Airport, impeccably restored the plane, according to Estrella Warbirds Museum officials. The Cub was originally intended as a trainer and as a general aviation aircraft. Due to its performance, future models including the J-3 and L-4 Grasshopper became well suited for military uses such as reconnaissance, liaison and ground control during World War II.
The J-2 signifies an important part of aviation history and may be installed in Hind Pavilion or elsewhere on campus depending on specifications. The first Piper J-2 is in the Smithsonian Museum and Estrella Warbirds Museum said they are privileged to have this classic airplane join their display.
The Estrella Warbirds Museum is dedicated to the restoration, preservation and display of military aircraft, vehicles and memorabilia and commemorates those who served in military aviation and in other military roles. Their approach is not to glorify conflict, but rather to make future generations aware that our way of life does not come without sacrifice. The museum was founded in 1992 and is a non-profit organization located at 4251 Dry Creek Rd., Paso Robles. For more information about the museum, call 805 238-9317 or visit them online at


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