Estrella Warbirds host return of famed pilot Capt. Plumb eight years later

PASO ROBLES — Capt. Charlie Plumb was the guest speaker at the Estrella Warbird Museum for their August monthly dinner. Plumb last spoke at the Museum eight years ago in front of the largest dinner crowd at around 180 in attendance. Aug. 1 was his encore presentation with over 160 members attending Thomson Hall at the museum.
Many volunteers helped set up the tables and decorations for the event. Caterer Larry and his crew cooked a chicken entree for all the attendees.
George Marrett gave the audience the background on the career of Capt.  Plumb. Plumb’s F-4 “Phantom” was shot down near Hanoi, North Vietnam on his 75th mission — just five days before he was to return to the USA. Plumb spent nearly six years as a prisoner of war (POW) in an 8-foot-by-8-foot cell — roughly the size of the small white platform he presented on.
Plumb gave an inspiring talk, which captivated the audience.
“One’s life is full of choices ...  you are the one in control and can decide whether to succeed or to fail,” said Plumb. He was grateful to all those who had “packed his parachute,” his metaphor — for those who had helped him succeed throughout his life.
After Plumb’s talk, a long line of patrons formed to have him sign his books and several members greeted him.
The next morning, several of the Museum’s Board members had breakfast with Plumb at the Paso Robles Inn and enjoyed more words of wisdom. After breakfast and before the temperature rose into the high 90’s it was time for Plumb to fly back home to Los Angeles in his white Rutan designed “Long EZE”. The museum said they were happy to have Capt. Plumb “aboard” the museum.

Photo Caption: Rob Kinnear, EWM President, presented Capt. Charlie Plumb with a token of the Museum’s gratitude. Here is Plumb posing with it next to George Marrett, who was an A-1 “Skyraider” pilot in Vietnam, flying search-and-rescue flights. He presented this book to Plumb. (Contributed photo)


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