Cyclists injured during event

PASO ROBLES — AIDS/LifeCycle® riders left their camp at the Mid-State Fairgrounds on June 6 and headed to their destination for the day in Santa Maria. More than 2,300 cyclists and almost 650 volunteers ‘roadies’ hit the road, but two of the riders would not make it to Santa Maria as they intended.
The first collision occurred on State Route 1 South of State Route 46 at 9:13 a.m. involving cyclist Bryan Alvarado, 28, of San Diego. Alvarado was involved in a solo collision which resulted in major injuries. Alvarado’s injuries included a broken clavicle and he was transported by private vehicle to Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center. Alvarado is expected to be released later today after treatment of his injuries.
The second collision took place almost an hour later at 10:10 a.m., involving Gregory Enriquez, 39, of Valley View. Enriquez was riding his Giant bicycle westbound on State Route 46 west of the summit and west of Vista Point on his way to State Route 1. At this location, the westbound lane of State Route 46 travels downhill and consists of one lane bordered by a paved asphalt shoulder. The shoulder is separated from the lane by a painted solid white line and embedded rumble strip. As Enriquez road over the rumble strip, he lost control of his bicycle and was thrown over the handlebars.
Enriquez struck the lane and sustained major injuries. He was rendered unconscious and suffered major head Injuries. California Highway Patrol dispatched their helicopter, which responded to the scene and transported Enriquez to Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center. Enriquez was admitted to the hospital due to the extent of his injuries.
To follow the AIDS/LifeCycle ride, which will continue on to their destination in Los Angeles, visit and @aidslifecycle on social media.


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