County issues 'unhealthy' air quality alert

The San Luis Obispo County Air Pollution Control District and County Public Health Department issued Friday, Aug. 24, an unhealthy air quality alert, advising the public of deteriorating air quality in San Luis Obispo County, due to an increase in particulate pollution.

As of Friday morning, air quality was deemed unhealthy for everyone in San Luis Obispo and Nipomo. Elsewhere in San Luis Obispo County, the current air quality was unhealthy for sensitive individuals, such as infants, as well as children and adults with existing respiratory or heart conditions.

The particulate pollution could be coming from a variety of sources, including urban areas and wildfires, according to county health officials. Some of the impacts are coming directly from the Front Fire in Southern San Luis Obispo County. The Front Fire is burning in the Rockfront OHV area of the Los Padres National Forest in the Santa Lucia Ranger District.

County officials recommend that the public reschedule outdoor activities, remain indoors as much as possible, and set any heating/air conditioning/ventilation systems to recirculation. The public is advised to consult their doctor if they are experiencing health problems.

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