Commentary: North County friends...

We are once again fortunate to have a dedicated, passionate, and quality person offer themselves up for public service in the upcoming 5th District County Supervisor election. Stepping up to run for office - to put their life on hold, devote a year of their time to a campaign, and vulnerably subject themselves to public critique — shows a candidate’s confidence in their vision for our future. It shows their commitment to working together to solve common issues. It shows that they believe in the tools of democracy and civility, by which we all hope to bring the future we so want for our children.

Ellen Beraud has lived in Atascadero for over 20 years. She and her husband have raised a family here. Ellen has been part of the school PTA, owns a small electrical contracting company, actively participates in our local Atascadero Land Preservation Society (which by the way was THE driving force behind our new Three Bridges Oak Preserve, a gem if there ever was one – thank you, ALPS), and served on Atascadero’s City Council and a term as Mayor.

She has worked at Twin Cities and Atascadero State Hospitals for many years as a Registered Dietician and been very active in her union at ASH. She has two grown children, one graduated with a degree in Animal Science from Cal Poly and the other studies Engineering in Montana. 

I have known Ellen for some time now and can attest that she is smart, dedicated, and hardworking and that she will keep the citizens’ interests in mind as she thoroughly researches and finds the best solution to the problems we will face in the coming years.

Having run a small business, she understands the importance of economic prosperity. Having raised children and volunteered with the PTA, she understands the challenges facing our local schools. Having been involved with the union at ASH, she understands the importance of job security. Now, looking towards the future, she recognizes the importance of making intelligent, science-based decisions today on behalf of the next generation.

The people of Atascadero recently elected Susan Funk – another smart, hardworking, honest woman – to the Atascadero City Council. Her margin of victory was quite an accomplishment, especially considering it was her first time running. Ellen, a friend, ardent supporter, and integral campaign volunteer of Susan’s, now looks to carry that positive momentum and bring smart, honest leadership to the rest of North County.

You can tell a lot about a person by the company they keep. Susan Funk and Ellen Beraud are both intelligent, honest, and experienced leaders who are not bound by restrictive ideological mindsets or rigid partisan allegiances. Just like with Susan Funk, you can trust that Ellen will always work towards solutions that help the most people, not just her friends and campaign supporters. That’s what true leadership is all about.

I could go on and on about the highly questionable decisions the current supervisor has made, but that would take many more pages than are available here. Suffice it to say, Ellen will not vote to put hundreds of gravel trucks through downtown Santa Margarita every day. She will not vote to make taxpayers pay for the water management of her wealthy friends and campaign donors. She will not support unwanted oil trains running through our towns. Instead, she will support well-thought-out plans of action where public input is earnestly heard, and where all sides are thoughtfully considered.

Ellen Beraud will bring smart, honest leadership to our Board of Supervisors and to our county’s 5th District. Please, tune-in over the coming months: ask Ellen questions, attend her events, volunteer with her’s the future of our children and grandchildren that’s at stake.


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