Commentary: Don’t forget your umbrella

Before I dive into this month’s article, I want to pause to thank everyone that has shown overwhelming support for the Chamber team and I. It is incredible how many of you have reached out to me to show your support as I stepped in as your Interim CEO for the Atascadero Chamber of Commerce. Knowing that such wonderful people are in OUR communities and really care, I know the incoming CEO will be amazed just as I have.

February has come and gone and I ask myself, where did the month go?

Now that we are into March things are starting to bloom and grow, including our business community. So much is happening in Atascadero, and the team and I are excited. Just by coming out and connecting at our Good Morning Atascadero, our Leaders Lunch or even our Monthly Business Mixer, you can connect and learn info about your neighbors and surrounding businesses in your community. Your membership is important to the Chamber, and it helps us continue to support our local businesses with programs, tools, and events.

Thank you for being a part of our Chamber family.

Now, let’s go ahead and get into this month’s article.

Have you ever stepped outside of your house only to find that you are soaked from head to toe a moment later because of a sudden downpour?

You are left to scramble back inside, for an umbrella or to make a break for your car. I had an instance like this myself, and with all the storms recently it almost seems inevitable. After days and days of rain, it just makes sense to prepare and bring along an umbrella. Just in case the sky releases an unexpected shower of rain. For business owners, being ready every day like this is nothing new. Business professionals rise daily to the challenge of preparing for the problems that can brew like storms in the sky.

That is why the Atascadero Chamber, my team and I, are in the business of giving out umbrellas to our business community, our members. We don’t want a sudden storm to catch you off guard. Our goal is to help empower you so that you are prepared for whatever drizzle or torrent of rain lies ahead for you and your business. Because no one likes getting soaked head to toe unexpectedly.

At the Chamber, we give out a variety of different umbrellas. These include events like Leaders Lunches, and Good Morning Atascadero. They also incorporate our many programs and councils like Women in Business, Diversity, Legislative and Economic, and the Ambassadors. However, I will spare you the details and focus on the one significant similarity that all of our umbrellas at the Chamber share.

All the umbrellas we hand out at the Chamber for our business community, our members, whether it be in the form of tools, programs, marketing, or events have one important commonality. They are all ginormous umbrellas. There is plenty of room under each of them to support all of our business community members. The Chamber team and I recognize that when more people hold together, they can weather any storm. Our business community is stronger when we are together under an umbrella. So, while you may not be able to control the weather, we can certainly all stand together.

Just don’t forget to grab an umbrella.


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