Castoro Cellars donates over $21,000 to TIMBA

TEMPLETON — Castoro Cellars donated over $21,000 to Templeton High School band. Castoro Cellars, Whale Rock Music and Arts Festival has exceeded $90,000 in support of local music education.

Whale Rock Music and Arts Festival 2018 was the 6th annual event orchestrated by the Udsen family of Castoro Cellars. Their 2018 festival, held Sept. 15 and 16, brought more than 2,000 people each day. The success of this year’s event made it possible for the Udsen family to donate $21,320 to the Templeton Instrumental Music Booster’s Association (TIMBA).

The Udsen family happily presented a check to the band director of TIMBA, David Landers and Templeton High music student, Dominique Mitchell on Thursday, Dec. 20.

As dedicated supporters of the local community and longtime lovers of music and arts, the Udsens have donated the proceeds of each Whale Rock Music and Arts Festival to a local charity. Including this year’s donation, their total support has just exceeded $91,000. Past benefactors have included both the Templeton Education Foundation and Must Charities.

TIMBA is a non-profit parent volunteer organization that supports Templeton High School musicians by enhancing their learning experiences and providing additional resources and opportunities that might not otherwise exist.

Whale Rock has grown considerably over its past six years and is expected to do so, with over 4,000 attendees over two days in 2018 bringing in 17 bands on two stages, along with collections by local artists, all-ages yoga, kid crafts and games, Castoro Cellars wines, local craft beers, ciders and food trucks, all in a family-friendly environment.

The 2019 Whale Rock Music and Arts Festival will be held Sept. 14 and 15 at 1315 N. Bethel Rd., Templeton. For more information, call 805-238-0725 or visit the Castoro Cellars or Whale Rock Music and Arts Festival website.


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