Caroline Peterson Janney

Caroline Peterson Janney passed away at her home in Templeton in the presence of her husband Ron on September 13, 2017, after a lengthy illness.
She was born Caroline Sue Peterson on August 1, 1942 to Floyd R. Peterson and Virginia Beach Peterson in Detroit, Mich.  She graduated from David Mackenzie High School on June 24, 1960.  She received an Associate in Science degree from Henry Ford Community College on June 14, 1963 and was certified as a Registered Nurse August 20, 1963.  After working in the Emergency Room at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, she decided to further her education.  She attended Wayne State University and received the degree Bachelor of Science in Nursing on June 20, 1970 and the degree Master of Science in Nursing on December 19, 1972.  While at Wayne State, she met another nurse enrolled in the MSN Program, Joanne Guyton from the Toledo, Ohio area.  Joanne went on to receive a doctorate in nursing. After teaching at a local community college in Michigan, Caroline moved to Toledo, and became an instructor of nursing at the Medical College of Ohio, which was affiliated with Bowling Green State University and the University of Toledo.  While in Toledo, she met Joanne‘s brother Ron, and began making a few trips to Los Angeles to spend time with Ron.  Caroline and Ron were married in Toledo on April 3, 1976.
After moving to California, she became an instructor of nursing at Cal State Long Beach, and later worked at Long Beach Memorial Hospital.  She then worked at Torrance Memorial Hospital in the ICU, and CCU (coronary care unit) where she was with a great group of nurses, and she became very close to some of them.  Cardiac care was what she enjoyed most, and she was there at the innovation of many of the procedures used today in cardiac care.  As one of life’s ironies, her heart is what began to give out many years ago, and she underwent many procedures to rectify this, but eventually succumbed to this.
When Ron retired in 1993, they moved to Jackson, Wyoming where they had constructed a log cabin close to the Bridger-Teton National Forest. While in Jackson, she worked as a home care nurse for several ladies including Mardy Murie, a well-known naturalist, author, and conservationist who could claim John Denver as a friend.  She worked briefly in the local hospital, and later with a doctor as his allergy nurse. Caroline again developed life-long friendships with many in the Jackson area.  Her interests included hiking, skiing, backpacking, quilting, homemaker and book clubs, investment clubs, and Bible study.  She was an usher at the Grand Teton Music Festival for many years, and a member of St John’s Episcopal Church.
Unknown to many of her associates and friends, Caroline was the author of a nursing workbook. While at Cal State Long Beach, she realized that many new students could not do math.  She and the Director of the Learning Lab formed a small company, and they co-authored the first edition of Calculation of Drug Dosages, a math primer for nursing students. She later bought out her partner and expanded the book to include pediatrics, geriatrics, diabetes and other specialties.  The book was updated with the latest edition being the 7th Edition.  Thanks to the electronic revolution, her book sales dwindled from the thousands to just a few hundred yearly.  Due to her modesty, most of her associates did not know this side of her.
Ron and Caroline moved to San Luis Obispo in 2000, but still spent part of the year in Jackson Hole.  In 2004, they moved their northern home over the “hill” to Driggs, Idaho. The hill is Teton Pass at 8431 feet elevation.  As a result, she did not mind driving the grade here in SLO County. In 2006, they moved their Central Coast home to Templeton and still traveled to Idaho part of the year.  Due to the high altitude, they had to abandon the mountains and moved in 2013  to Templeton full time.  They were active in the First Presbyterian Church in SLO, and Caroline went church shopping in the North County and tried several churches.  She finally returned to her Methodist roots and found her home at the United Methodist Church in Atascadero.  True to form, she formed lasting friendships in San Luis Obispo and in the North County.  She belonged to the SLO Bicycle Club, Women’s Investment Network (WIN), Wednesday Sisters Book Club, United Methodist Women, and enjoyed playing mahjong and card games with friends.  She had been in similar groups in San Luis Obispo.  She enjoyed much of the musical talent that we have on the Central Coast.  She was on her bike for the last time in June.
She was preceded in death by her father, mother, and her brother Charles Oscar Peterson.
There will be a Celebration of Life at the United Methodist Church at 11605 El Camino Real in Atascadero on September 30 at 11 am.  In lieu of flowers, please donate to Dignity Health Hospice at (805) 739 - 3830 or to the United Methodist Church at (805) 466 - 2566.


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