Assemblyman Cunningham praises Uber’s new App feature

SACRAMENTO — Wednesday, Uber announced a new security feature that will allow users to contact 911 via the Uber app. Assemblyman Jordan Cunningham praised the move as a step forward since a recent incident in San Luis Obispo when an Uber driver was charged for burglarizing and sexually assaulting four young victims.
 “I am very pleased with Uber’s newest update to their application, which will enhance public safety”, said Assemblyman Cunningham. “I will continue working with the industry and with the regulators to enhance security on all ridesharing platforms.”
In January, an Uber driver in San Luis Obispo was arrested and charged by the District Attorney with ten counts, ranging from burglary to rape. Following the incident, Assemblyman Cunningham sent a letter to the PUC asking for more information on the background check system for TNC drivers. Lastly, the Assemblyman has introduced AB 2986, which would strengthen the background check process for ride-share drivers by excluding drivers that have been convicted of serious crimes.


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